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Introduction to #RaRuRe / Updated 

Hello everyone!

You can call me Yordle (or Stan), I use They / Them pronouns in EN.

I'm a Web developer, formerly Junior but because of covid I had to do a Master Degree because it was impossible to find a permanent contract here with the amount of experience I had.

My hobbies : music (listening and recently also producing), video games (less often than before but still a little), reading, series and anime/manga.

A few stuff to note : I suffer from several mental disorders, I don't necessarily want to detail for the moment but I can be a little weird sometimes or take time to understand certain things but if someone explains to me with patience usually everything is fine!

My DMs are open, I like to listen to people and help those in need (whenever possible).

If you usually speak french, I would rather prefer you followed me one because I don't really like to mix English and French on a single account.

PS: I'm nice but I'm not the one who said it!

Tusky I hate you just as much as I love you

Among Us 2 is going to be a multiplayer Touhou-like bullet hell arcade shooter game.

Pokemon Arceus end game content is kinda giving me a hard time, that's half good and half frustrating

For big projects at work it's comfortable to use GitKraken so I'm used to it but for personal projects I feel like it's overkill and unnecessary.

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Github now refuses authentication through shell, that's understandable but it sucks, I usually use it for small personal projects and I don't really need to use GitKraken or GitHub desktop.

Fuck anxiety, all my homies want to be happy, feel safe and at peace

I was sleeping at my friend's place and his cat stole my plushie during the night and now I can't find it

We're playing Barotrauma with a friend and we're having a lot of fun even though the game really wanna give me anxiety

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Yeaaaah let's try new Android Launchers

I wonder what I'll be doing tonight. It's finally the weekend but I don't know if I'll be doing anything.

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"female" / "male"

damn just say socket or plug

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Not happy nor sad, just lonely.

There's close to nobody at the office today

do you ever get that feeling of "oh my god this task looks simple" but then you begin to cut it into multiple small tasks and you understand how complicated and difficult it is

I'm never sorry about my takes but I can be sorry of the way I express myself. If I end up hurting your feelings because I told you to eat shit, I'm sorry. But I stand my ground if I think you're a toxic shithead because of your behavior.

Sometimes it feels good to explain to people why others do something.

Expressing frustration is healthy.

Telling people they shouldn't express their feeling, bottle up their emotions because "nobody cares" is toxic.

Not sorry about this take.

League Twitter act like something is broken whenever they don't know how to play against it like imagine if Smash Bros player did the same.

Oh wait.

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It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
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