Like, KV database that can be massive BUT synced with a main server which have authority

It's quite simple, no ?

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I just want to have indexeddb offline and synced with upstream when online ffs...

Techno consumerism of mine 

Loonix compatible Clevo lappy...

- i7-1165G7 cpu and graphic beast...
- 1,1kg...
- 73wh battery...
- Thunderbolt 4...
- Upgradable ram, replaceable battery...
- Two M2 slots (and 1 that can be used for PCIe card, like 4G chip...?)...

Aaaaaah.... but 1,2k€ :blobcatReachSob:

With mechanics more like Battlefield 3 > esque or even Apex / Titanfall ones.

Arma is too silly to be a game...

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Awé, genre ça a coûté 700 millions de dollars en comptant l'inflation étout

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Is there any good FOSS fps that isn't a quake-like one ?

Les gens qui sont en mode "olala célong" mais iels se tapent des séries de 12 épisodes d'1 heure chacun en 4 saisons mdr

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The fact that I feel less tired when reading "bold and funny looking" fonts with lots of distinctives shape make me wonder if this is something general in population or if I'm just a tiny bit dyslexic

It's sad but I'm comfier reading books on my phone than on a... book :blobcatWeary:


How long 'til a coup in Bolivia

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A cool community, I guess.