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It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.

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For peoples that find themselves sad that not much people interact with them, maybe some tips (quickly typed from phone bc I feel like it, so filled with typos) :
- Filling you bio with decent number of infos (like what you do, what do you belief, how should we call you, what you like...) kinda help breaking ice. Also empty bio or borings ones with no statements at all might also raise suspicion on your objectives there.
- Dig posts on public timelines / what your follows boost (Also don't forget to check the poster's bio if they don't want certain type of interactions) and don't feel afraid to interact kindly
- Follow peoples posting stuff you're interested with ! There's no Twitter algorithms trying to fill your feeds with targeted content, so you're the only way out to have stuff to read and interact with :blobcatShrugSmirk: (But again, don't forget to check if the person you're trying to follow is okay with strangers following them, some might want a few interactions before)

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Btw I only boost stuff with medias if thoses have decent image desc, just in case someone do wonder

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Vous connaissez un hub usb 3 qui ne serait alimenté QUE par une alimentation externe ? Qui n'utiliserait pas l'alimentation du port usb sur lequel il est branché ? Boost svp


Losing more hairs make me scroll /r/wigs more, wonder why

As a wise person reminded me, NTP sync are kinda really common, but what to do in the case the person likely have an out of sync clock and can't do much :blobcatWeary: ?

Maybe put a warning that your time is out of sync with your peer, if sync happen... But who's right and who's wrong ?

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Can't we trust devices clocks for low-rate last write win CRDTs ? 😩

Miaourt love you all, nini :bunSleep:

(That's a far stretched Kipo ref)

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I had and have now

Now I wanna figure out why Twitter banned me from their API :blobcatExtremeJoy:

J'commençais un peu à avoir la connexion qui ralentissait au delà de ça, merci Steam

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DanyCaligula en live sur Twitch avec son Squat Philo, c'est de très très haute qualité

In the end the only cool TypeScript thing we will remember will be this type definitions in the comments

Mobile infantry made me the man I am today

It's cooold... in this hemisphere... in this part of the world 🥶

Surely not something the evangelists climate change lizards persons will tell on TV

Seems that new deletion batch for is running well, only have 40*4 pages of accounts from there left (We still had still 8 pages last time)

I want a giant very-lightweight mouse where I can finally abandon my claw-grip and move it effortlessly 😭

Bon espérons de la réussite pour ce Blast de Denis Robert là, semblerait qu'iels aient financer leurs 100k en une nuit

Every antivirus software use the same GUI toolkit ffs

Okay now all my public post will be copied on birdsite, everyone will enjoy my shitpost equally (I always forgot to post stuff down there)

How's alt text supposed to work on Twitter already ?

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It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
You can find more infos on this place by clicking there.