Electronics friends, what would prevent us to have hot-swappable ICs like RAMs chips with like just small plastics clips to prevent it from moving in the socket...

"Electrics paths" wouldn't be much longer, no needs for all the DIMMs thingy, and we might be able to, user service our ram chips ?? Even on an Apple M1 tightly coupled monster ?

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No experience necessary but you'll need to be able to talk with me on Discord and have excellent note taking skills.

I'd prefer someone willing to provide feedback and push back against some of my ideas.

Will certainly be GL-centric so if you don't care for that maybe give this one a pass.

A passion for gay witches and subverting magical girl/superhero tropes absolutely appreciated

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I'm trying to develop a new... not sure probably a novel and I need someone to help me flush out the characters and jot down the series bible.

Paid position $20/hour

I'm expecting this to take 3-4 hours total but open to it going longer.

Wow I now have a big brother interface...


We have a a... eh.... 100% retention rate in October :blobcatPuffyNerd:

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Was a bit longer than expected, but here we are on a newer version, faster ruby, less bugs... and that's enough I guess uhuh

Should work better with official masto app on iOS too I guess

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trying again to update, brace yourself for some hiccups

Downtimes expected in the coming minutes, don't panic \o/

Sorry for this night (CET) downtime, was sleeping deeply 👉 👈

Go feel like
"Yo, get this files out of my way, there's no files nowhere, only "package myName"

Crépuscule de l’Écologie
( Ou comment vivre le temps présent )


Performance mode on fortnite is indeed... performant

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