Webassembly is just a JVM with smaller scope and worse performances right ?

Bon ajd j'ai éliminer des nuages d'orage sur mon horizon j'ai un peu de ciel bleu que j'vais tenter d'étendre demain ✊

J'crois j'ai un problème tout mes meubles de rêve doivent soit être super léger soit avoir des roues aled

I haven't touched a line of code since a month now duh

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Finally did some new pixeling. Tlapcats Feat. @tlapka@kawen.space

Okay so, during a stream,
@katakislives@mstdn.social had the idea of "Tlapcats". Basically a mascot that represents Tlapka's fans, similar to Ina'nis' little Takodachis. I love the Takodachi mascot and I thought the idea was cool so I wanted to do a quick practice seshie with that.

Also, the "sceptre" is supposed to be a phone on a selfie-stick (y'know, tlapka steals phones...). I had no idea for what to put in the hand so I went with that.

can't there be uni with just exams and free listening course, not mandatory homeworks that I don't care...?

I should get myself a job again, I know I can signup for some free time with that...

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every time I have homework to do I want to drop this licence ffs

Can I have tips from a suspiciously wealthy furry

Like, I have a cool catto avi

au pays des cercles et des sphères c'est bien lui le plus mignon

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They are both stupid but make me grin so much lol

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Is Netflix's Squid Game a live action about Splatoon ?

Y'a des gens sur Paris qui veulent faire qqchose cet aprem ? :blobcatPeek:
J'suis sur la capitale là...

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