moved back to sublime text after using vscode for a year and oh my god this is SO much better I missed youuuuuu smooch smooch smooch

I hate credit score!!!! I want to be a cat!! AGONY

I've decided that mining sux!! I think itd be way cooler to have "Something from nothing" rather than taking up the earth's resources.. So hear me out?! .. you can decompose things u grow into compost, which you can sift through for rocks or teeny tiny scraps of iron. This can be automated and gives u the incentive for super big optimal farms. By proxy, literally everything is made of carrots lol

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Finished my attempt at a super-cache-coherent C neural network! it's a bit simple but it was fun revisiting it ;u;

humuuu.. I really need to think about the direction of this game. I want it to be cute and plant-y and solarpunk so I'm not sure how well drills suit it. I like circuits and stuff, which is why I chose copper lol, will have to think about it...

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added simple drillers! i need to make it so you can mine by hand too..

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part of me rly wants to write a tiny, faster-paced (and better feeling) version of Melee in C with rollback etc. I'm dying to do it as a technical challenge but i've mentioned it before and people were like, 1000 smash clones already exist ;u;

im very happy with my game thingies, but i feel so weak lol. its nice that people call my things cute but i want to be cool and impressive ahahf :bunSadPat:

BOUNCING ACROSS THA LANDSCAPE, if you time your jumps right you get a little speed boost

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revisiting my bunny factory game with a little crafting UI πŸ₯• :bunHop:

very very worrying ahhahff, it's all the accounts I had when I was a kid so no 2FA and it's all the same passwords!!!! I've been porting everything to a pass manager for DAYS

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my email & pass were recently compromised & now I'm discovering accounts I didnt even know I had by getting emails like "WOAH your Apple ID is being logged into" I've never had an iPhone in my life

i think her & my mum got it because it looked like a fun electronics kit but if my little sister starts writing C code ill shit

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WHY did my 11 year old sister just buy an Arduino Mega 2560 kit!? lets fkn go

resolution 2022 do more cool things and talk on fedi more

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