plushies love being squeezed. don't worry about squeezing too tight, if you were made of soft, you'd love it too

2014 steven universe & 2012 MLP. golden ages for cartoons .. until ..

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a friend asked for my tumblr & i had to do some spring cleaning.. if you scroll through my archive & hit 2014 it VERY abruptly transitions into Steven Universe fanart . lapis & peridot had me fucked up

needing to download a version of Unity that's 0.0.1 versions older to open a project >> wtf

set my desktop backgroudn to the Windows 98 turqoise and life has been better ever since

just found out about this song. check it out if you get the time. sound of the summer

Fuck I thought this'd have the 3D models, it's only images of the models LOL. The concept art is cool though

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Maplestory 2 completely shut down a while ago (rip, it was kinda cool), AND they released every single asset in the game to the public?!

i love everyone who's played any of my games. Most people I talk to like White the most. I think that's so weird! It was my first game ever, I kind of think it sucked. Could be due a remake..?

damn i wanna play skyrim now *opens skyrim* *closes skyrim* *opens oblivion*

Skyblivion is cool but i want Skyrim remade in the Oblivion engine call it oblivirim

i love anime. would love to watch one some day

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A cool community, I guess.