I've finally watched Dune! :blobcatAww:

The 1984 one.

Swift is so weird. Never thought I'd miss imports of all things. :blobcatBook:

Spoiler-free rant of Metroid Dread 

I want to like Metroid Dread, but the game is littered with bullshit. I don't even feel satisfied that I got through a challenge, I just think "thank fuck, finally".

The game reeks of bad or purposefully unfair (is there really a difference?) design on most corners. However, it still shines here and there, and these parts are what's keeping me coming back, but they are getting rarer as I progress.

To be fair, I've only played Fusion and a bit of Super Metroid. And, while there were some parts in Fusion that I thought were shitty, it was good overall.

To me, it feels like they took the worst parts of Fusion, made them even worse and shipped a new game.

So yeah, I kinda don't like this game. :blobcatSipSmile:

Dancing with the Dead somehow doesn't sound like Powerwolf to me and I can't explain why and it bothers me. :blobcatHyperThinking:

Still a pretty good song though :blobcatPuffyBlush:

Doing C# for work makes me appreciate the simplicity of C/Go/Zig. :blobcatBrokenHeart:

So many interfaces. So many classes. So much magic.

To be fair, my code in these other languages is just as bad. :blobcatSipSmile:

Started watching because @Rasp kept talking about it.

I love it already :blobcatBigFan:

"So I'm a cloud, so what?"

Still can't believe I got that joke.

Duolingo's heart system only encourages me to get away from the course if I make too many mistakes.

"Plus learners are X times more likely to finish the Y course!", more like "If you punish your students by preventing them to make progress, they are more likely to give up :blobcatSurprised:"

Great, found an error in Odin's Makefile but can't log in to GitHub to report it :blobcatReachSad:

Also wanted to try to rewrite core:container, but that's not happening today.

I've just realized I can read some Japanese! :blobcatOwoHappy:

It's only simple stuff, and I still need help reading any kanji, but it feels so nice to actually be able to read even a few text bubbles of a manga :bunHappyHop:

ι­”ε…₯γ‚ŠγΎγ—γŸοΌε…₯間くん (Welcome to the Demon School! Iruma-kun) 


Replacement flash drive (finally) arrived. :bunHappyHop:

Since this will only ever be used in my RasPi, I wonder if I should try F2FS :bunThinking:

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Connected to the PC and it Just Works(tm) :blobcatReachSad:

Put it back into the phone and it Just Stops Working (tm) :bunSad:

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Great, not even a month later and I think my SD card is dying too :bunSad:

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Two episodes in and I'm kinda disappointed by the lack of UEEeeeEeEEEEeEeEeeE in Re:Zero S2

I'm not saying this is bad, I just thought you'd like to know

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