Friend of mine found one of those quizzes to figure out what kind of magical powers would you have. Mine ended up being "The Magic of Interdimensional Travel", which sounds useless for a stay-at-home person.


Instant getaway from crowds. No more family gatherings that last for longer than five minutes. Can get to the stores when they're empty and back before anyone realizes you're gone.


Really tempted to rent a VPS to play with gitea and fossil :blobcatThinking:

As a programmer, I can say with authority and confidence that the Cleanest Code is 418.

This is production code btw, and has been in the app for quite some time.

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Should I be scared of a regex builder that is used to validate if a password contains parts of that person's id? :blobcatThinkingGlare:

Immediately following that, "build failed, 0 errors".

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Xcode be like "build succeeded, 3 errors".


"What we need is a series of videos that we call The Catrix"

Yes :blobcatReach:

Me: has 100s of hours of podcast, 363 books, 657 movies and 782 animes on the list.

Also me: imma rewatch Shadow of the Crystal Palace for the 40th time.

Yes, this was a complaint.

I'd like mine fuzzy- and cute-sounding, please.

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Whenever someone complains about gender a new one's added?

But who adds them and do they take requests? :bunThinking:

Oh no, please don't give me hope for Chrono Break or I'll be thinking about it for the next ten years :blobcatPuffyFearful:

Weirdly enough, this reminds me of dinner. :blobcatDrool:

The stuff I eat at night is less of a meal and more of an amalgamation of what's in the fridge.

I've finally watched Dune! :blobcatAww:

The 1984 one.

Swift is so weird. Never thought I'd miss imports of all things. :blobcatBook:

Spoiler-free rant of Metroid Dread 

I want to like Metroid Dread, but the game is littered with bullshit. I don't even feel satisfied that I got through a challenge, I just think "thank fuck, finally".

The game reeks of bad or purposefully unfair (is there really a difference?) design on most corners. However, it still shines here and there, and these parts are what's keeping me coming back, but they are getting rarer as I progress.

To be fair, I've only played Fusion and a bit of Super Metroid. And, while there were some parts in Fusion that I thought were shitty, it was good overall.

To me, it feels like they took the worst parts of Fusion, made them even worse and shipped a new game.

So yeah, I kinda don't like this game. :blobcatSipSmile:

Dancing with the Dead somehow doesn't sound like Powerwolf to me and I can't explain why and it bothers me. :blobcatHyperThinking:

Still a pretty good song though :blobcatPuffyBlush:

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