Hello to all my soggy girls! My real mushy ladies! Hope you’re all having a fantastic night!

i saw seals today and they were so cute i cried a little i love those little dudes. that was the only good thing that’s happened in weeks

today at work i got stuck in someone’s yard cuz the gate closed, got a flat tire, got a nosebleed, and then got scared by a massive dog sprinting at me from behind a fence and tripped over a dirt pile and scraped up my legs and got covered in a layer of dirt

when my mom used to get mad at me or my sister in the car she would blast classical music so no one could talk

just took a nap that lowered my iq by 15

when kittens look like little balls of fuzz..... love that

ive been so stressed lately i got this lavender scented seal since that’s supposed to be relaxing and it’s soooo cute

morsh fights with the puppy over this spot on the couch

in my humble opinion hi how’s it going

i took a sleeping pill to finally get some rest and i still woke up after like 6 hours why haS god forsaken me

my dreams are roaches and my teeth falling out. sometimes i can fly but it’s like the wing cap in mario 64 where u have to jump 3 times

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