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Seems like my profile is a bit empty with the migration so I'll post an /aboutme here for reference.

I like programming:
- Stronk object thinking advocate
- Write kernel drivers and baremetal code for a living
- Like C and Go, and deeply dislike C++

I enjoy tinkering with digital electronics and retro stuff. Once a year I open kicad and spend some hours pretending I know what I'm doing.

I like (trying to) design simple and functional stuff I can 3D-print with Openscad.

I enjoy video games, specially JRPGs, ARPGs, and stealth. Monhun is my fave franchise.

I watch anime, if I can withstand the cringe. Fate and Monogatari are my favorite series.

I read books, sometimes.

I also like plants and plushies.

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oh no the spam robot had a stroke in the middle of writing this email

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"and made of solid granite"
as opposed to liquid granite
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I cannot believe they are advertising a luxury watch with the words "Karl [Marx] would have surely loved these utilitarian features".

This is a luxury watch ad.

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neonazis be like
we need to save the pure white race. god i want to fuck an asian woman so bad
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america: you have nukes
iraq: what? no-
america: omae wa mou shindeiru
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the existence of herobrine implies the existence of a villainbroth

Why are so many french ppl in fedi, what the fuck is wrong with france

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i'm an artist and my art is saying "cum" using computers
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it's seriously wild how much of medicine was *actively harmful* up until, like a century or so ago

"doctor, the patient has a fever"

"ah, let's bleed them and give them mercury chloride"

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no thoughts
head empty
only ym2612 (and sn76489)
castlevania portrait of ruin - the hidden curse (arrange by savaged regime)

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share holder

guys i think capitalism is a communist plot
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hmm today i will speculatively access privilegied memory, causing an attacker to access it due to strange cache behavior - words dreamed up by the utterly Deranged
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It's pronounced สaสyสe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
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