I'm soooo annoyed... why does distance exist... I want to cuddle and kiss my bf so so so much rn

gotta switch off of digital Ocean soon

putting words to the emotions I'm having right now is so difficult... I admire poets

god there are so many things I wanna learn this summer and I have 0 idea what I should prioritize...

I wanna learn:
- functional stuff... maybe haskell or ocaml?
- maybe some functional reactive ui stuff
- making a database
- CRDT research
- cpu design

would an adaptive radix tree be any good???

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also... I really would like an open source version of datomic 🙄🙄🙄... it seems like such a cool technology but yea...

I actually would like to implement this but I'm not super familiar w what indexing structures would be best for this sort of non relational database

also like... there is so much datalog everywhere and I really want to learn more about it now...

I wanted to learn about it for a while because of datomic

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if anyone here is interested in database technology, Have You Tried Rubbing a Database On It, recently happened and all the talks are like 10 minutes long and I really enjoyed listening to many of them!


I'd really recommend anyone watch

I've been hearing so much about datalog recently and I wonder why...

god I forgot how boring minecraft early game is

damn I've been gay for like 3 months and I'm gay

I've been away from my gf for like 3 days and I am a black hole of touch starvedness already

I can't wait to see them tmmr

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