ok im just going to interpret "rough draft" as "half of the paper is literally not there"

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ok the SCP thing wont make any sense but id recommend looking up their live shows on yt

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1:15 - 8485

I LOVE 8485... like their entire vibe on all their live shows and their music is just so incredible... hyperpop introduced with scp vibes... just such a bop

this is the funniest discord status I've seen in a while

I feel like a collector of different sorts of software manifestos

manifestos are so fun. it's really neat to read a distillation of someone's philosophy or view on something


am going to make the "cs ethics / foss / solar punk / sustainable software" club for my uni and I'm not sure what to name it yet

Laura Les has massive older sister energy


i meant my sentences

i write absurdly long fucking sentences

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why sentences are immensely long


I have to write an entire essay draft tonight

fuck fuxk fucm fuck fuck fuck fuck

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so far what I've read for this year!

honestly not bad given I really stopped reading for a bit bc adjusting to dorm life

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god i wish logseq worked as a hosted web app instead of a desktop app
it's literally electron, just make a docker container to host it reeeeeee

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