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yesterday a coworker made fun of me for being alive when chrono trigger was released

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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

we need more stories for people who like turtles more than cops

i think its cool actually how being a right wing nerd crosses language and cultural boundaries like this. die mad lmao

the darvaza gas crater, nicknamed, the gates of hell, has to be in the top 10 need to see holes on earth right?

"This shit sucks ass" should be my #1 go to option for reporting posts. There should be a big button that just says "get his ass"

Video Game: Do you want to play as Human or Elf

Me: I want to play as An Furry.

Video Game: Okay good. We have an Furry species. We wrote their backstory so they only eat people, and they do slavery also, and we draw the legs wrong

The gay people who eat weird shit are going to become moving pictures

it's funny that police associations call begging for your donations as if 90% of your city taxes dont just go straight to the cops

a gentleman morbing? preposterous. a gentleman would never morb

couldn't decide what to have for dinner but now it's past 1am so the answer has become "snacks"

when did kigurumi start meaning creepy anime doll costumes instead of cute animal pajamas

thinking about how in one piece there's a special martial art that's just for trans people

biden advisors inside the whitehouse are all posting Dark Brandon memes on twitter. some of them literally left the nazi iconography in. great

I built this NAS back when the normal thing to do was buy surplus datacenter drives, so it was always a crapshoot whether you got something with 1 hour on the clock or something with 2 years, but it was always a server quality drive

I don't think it's considered advisable to do that anymore, but that might be from the trueNAS crowd dictating homelab practices these days

ZFS seems hard on drives and I know you aren't supposed to mix and match hardware

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