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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

drugs, i can't stop laughing at this headline 

nightmare blunt rotation except it's cocaine

"waaah big bad china blocks facebook" so fucking what, should we overthrow their government so that chinese people can experience the joys of reading rants from their racist uncle

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all those handwringing articles about how "US corporations are hostages to China" illustrates that the idea that a corporation would be beholden to the laws of the government of the nation in which they operate is so shocking to americans that even people who consider themselves to be on the left view it as dystopian or dictatorial

oh you lived in a time when the state could identify a serious problem and spend money to reverse it? that's cute. my power company burns down the entire west coast every year and won't spend 5 dollars to replace power lines in high wind areas

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open if you want to read the word "bunny" 


anyways, please remember to toggle the setting where search engines can index your posts

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Heard a super old guy died and got excited for it being Kissenger. What a let down

christmas... the vile holiday when a large red man comes down your chimney to wave his sack around

@Taweret yea, unfortunately vaping will never look cool

do i avoid using microsoft products as much as i can? yeah, i do, because i do not like microsoft. i haven't used windows as my main os for Years

but does that mean i should be like ">.> is that a Windows i see. ewwww. have you considered um. gnu slash linux. people like you are the reason spyware exists"? fuck that

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i dunno it just feels like being insufferable to people because they don't live in the woods and participate in capitalism isn't gonna do much to destroy cloudflare or microsoft or whatever. it feels as effective as "don't use plastic straws so we can stop global warming and pollution"

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Which most accurately describes your bedroom?

why would you want num lock disabled by default

best dune?

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