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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

I'm in the dark on undertale because I'm personally uninterested. I'll play it eventually because my friends like it, but at the moment all I really know are scattered phrases like "megalovania" and "genocide run"

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I've tried so many anime and movies and games specifically because I was "spoiled" on the plot or a specific cool scene. Nier Automata might be the only game I've ever gone into blind and thought it added anything to the experience

when people do nice things for you, you should do nice things for them. it's simple friendliness, or, as we called it in Ohio, "revenge niceness"

want a good web browsing experience? go into the woods and look for spiders

@Counsel sweating and trembling heavily looking at a slider going from 'strongly agree — strongly disagree' before finally putting down 'don't know' and instantly fainting

@esvrld answering “unsure” the survey question “should Israel get to bomb Gaza for free” and then bursting into tears

if i was aoc i would simply have voted no. seems easy

One of my favorite spots for lunch is the old haunted crypt beyond the briar patch behind my work. Nobody ever goes there and it’s always ~10 degrees cooler than the rest of the area, making it great for summer eating.

snoozed through 90 minutes of alarm

now to speedrun forcing myself to eat breakfast and feeling like garbage afterwards

Havana syndrome is 5G electrosensitivity for ivy leaguers.

im a defensive driver. i’ve specced into prot. my car has three invuln cooldowns and an instant selfheal. your dps lexus doesn’t stand a chance

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the bodycount of designing cities around the car both from the widespread poverty this causes and from the collisions it results in is immense

"In 1658, English sea captains complained to Parliament, 'The Dutch ... refuse to sell us a hogshead of water to refresh us at sea, and call us "English Dogs," which doth much grieve our English spirits."

oi, bit rude innit, callin us an uwu pupper, mate

my workplace has made me despise italians which from what i understand should have led to more clout on here. what gives

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