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yesterday a coworker made fun of me for being alive when chrono trigger was released

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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

"hmm can't go to bed until I figure out what time to set an alarm for"

- me, upwards of 10 minutes ago

Just a #Feditip for those who use the Toot! app, you should go under the settings and disable whatever it is that includes the @ username of whoever boosted a toot in the reply you make to it. I have no idea why the devs of @tootapp would include that. I assume they're somehow related to Loki, the trickster god.

That or they're just little shits about it. But yeah it's inexplicably turned on by default and you should shut it off. You might not have even know it's a thing before you read this.

“Let’s be very clear: this is a capitalist country. The government does not make baby formula, nor should it. Companies make formula. And one of those companies messed up and is unable to confirm that a plant — a major plant — is safe and free of contamination.”

Please keep telling people that the reason why their babies can't eat is bc doing it a better way would offend capitalism

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ended up taking a page from noctua's playbook: the low-noise adapters they ship with their fans have a 50-150 ohm resistor on the power pin

so I used an old off/lo/hi lamp switch and stuck 22 and 47 ohm resistors on it

it's ugly but it'll work until I can find a nicer switch

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It's illegal to install python in the everglades because it breaks the environment

the plan was to print up a little backer board thing so those boards would stay in the same places but it'd look like they're meant to be there

unfortunately, this DC controller makes the fan motors scream at lower speeds in a way I didn't expect and probably can't live with

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I documented some of my recent experiments in reverse-engineering the Print Gocco, a Japanese DIY printmaking tool from the 1970s. You can read about it here: #theWorkshop

actually using red and black wires for dc positive and negative for once

chinese parents scolding their kids for not eating their food because kids are starving in america

just in case its not clear: wage theft by employers is the MOST PREVALENT FORM OF THEFT BY A MASSIVE MARGIN OF DOLLARS

I heard someone say something aloud today that made me wonder how you perverts think picrew is pronounced

you nerds are always talking about some computer shit i never heard of. its at the point i think you’re all fucking with me

I heard someone say something aloud today that made me wonder how you perverts think picrew is pronounced

I've hoarded a lot of filament over the years but I try not to waste it because PLA is only debatably compostable

also there's the time it takes to print something. and this printer isn't exactly dependable for a >1hr print due to the improvements I've made

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doing iterative (FDM printing) design for a largish item I'll only need two of is kinda outta my recent wheelhouse

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