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yesterday a coworker made fun of me for being alive when chrono trigger was released

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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

lmaoing at the idea that I used to limit my caffeine and sugar intake towards nighttime

give me two red bulls. I could shotgun them and still pass out in bed with my phone on my face an hour from now


pushing my wordles to 6/6 is the only way I can feel things anymore

Wordle 223 6/6


i would never mod that many guns into morrowind. i would only add lore friendly firearms options. like the akm


when you hit the LT/RT or L2/R2 triggers: which finger u do it with

I ranked all the legendaries/mythics/ultra beasts/whatever

there's a badass hella-jacked mosquito under the tiermaker logo

I don't recognize about 80% of these

i would hate if the eroticism intrinsic to my pursuit of my rival turned into sexual tension!!

i would especially hate it if i was engaged in physical combat, such as a mech duel or a swordfight of some description, with my rival, and this turned out to be a sexual metaphor. i would not like that!

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locking swords with my rival, our faces pressing really close together: haha

my rival gives me a smooch: oh no

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Coca Cola should have less sugar but they should put the cocaine back so it'd be healthier. Just enough sugar so you can't taste the cocaine.

please take the time to thank the essential workers in your community: nurses, firefighters, and the guy who fires guns in the air every night to keep the rent down

Improved vertical leap is nice but nothing gets you more places than talking about your feelings

what if we made a really long horse and used it for public transit

if elon musk offered me $5k for literally anything i would tell him not to fuckin lowball me

lmfao apparently someone runs a twitter account that uses publicly available tracking data to update the location of musk's private jet and he offered the guy who runs it $5k to take it down saying "I don't love the idea of being shot by a nutcase" god i hope he does

There is no ethical consumption under capitalism (unless you're buying a grappling hook)

it's hard for me to hate horses because of the whole "selective breeding over thousands of years made them like this" thing

but I am absolutely capable of hating each individual horse

what I have learned from this website is that British "people" have an innate fear of horses

"Capitalism tells us that if something because too expensive then consumers will stop purchasing it, but for some reason grocery stores haven't had to close due to lack of customers???????????????????????????????????????"

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