Librarians work tirelessly to keep information public, free, and accessible and that is Very cool

at 5PM it's

do you spin the nozzle of the spray bottle back to "OFF" when you're done with it?

to every site that doesn't allow username changes or locks them behind a paywall: fuck u

if you bake your #hashtags right into the middle of your #greatposts it really increases you #engagement without breaking your #posting #flow

#people really like #this and they #lovetoseeit

in doctor who the doctor doesnt speak earth languages but his tardis like auto translates everything everyone says so it sounds like hes speaking english and so that means when he says allons y he is overriding the translator for the purpose of beaming french into peoples brains and i think that should be a war crime

y'all literally out here praising the combat systems of 3d action games that aren't arkham style smdh

three days grace? buddy, i've been grace for a few years at this point

One of those Grandpa fishing t-shirts but it says "fuck around and find trout"


anyway, yeah, if you're in the market for the only 32" 4K TV on the market, I can certainly recommend the samsung q50r

the remote's junk but it has play/pause and volume buttons, the feet are bad but it has VESA 100, it's got three HDMI inputs but no DVI or VGA and the only audio output is optical SPDIF, and the screen has four Ks, sixty Hz, and 10+ HDRs

also there's some kind of complimentary samsung streaming cable tv service upon which I watched five minutes of an iCarly episode and a few lines of yugioh zexal

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my plan was to let this TV update its firmware and then kick it off the network forever, but uh

the native samsung TV youtube app is the best way I've ever consumed that website on a non-desktop machine

literally begging you to show some cool mechs in your mech anime

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I don't know shit about felix the cat as a franchise or whatever but the NES game is one of the three best platformers on that system and I'll fight anyone who tries to say otherwise

I set up my 4k tv and started playing NES games on it via my MiSTer, mostly so I could shitpost about playing nintendo games on my new tv

but it actually has way less latency than the 10 year old LCD it replaced and I'm wrecking house in Felix The Cat

my dad is

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