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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

Barbados will became a republic, removing the British monarch as head of state as of Dec 1 2021:

I played some of Perfect Dark for the first time the other day (it's in rare replay on xbox)
I don't know how much they overhauled for the rerelease but that game basically feels like how I remembered goldeneye

unlike goldeneye which became basically unplayable to me as soon as I played a dual analog FPS

I just finished swapping all my letter keys from ajazz brown switches to gateron green switches

if you don't know what any of that means, I'm very happy for you

printers are so messed up. every printer i've had stopped working right after the warranty period with the error code "fuck you. eat shit"

so the pee is stored in the balls, and aren't kidney stones like balls stored in the pee?

cashier: this might be my worst day at this Wendy's

i agree that shipping container homes are a scam. there may be a justification for modular homes in the shipping container footprint to ease transportability

it's a pure aesthetic thing. and portable prefab houses have existed for a while, trailer homes

troops will say "just following orders" when it comes to murdering children

getting a vaccine though? that crosses the line

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So I found out the "do you think God stays in heaven in fear of what he created?" comes from spy kids 2 (because the kids watched it yesterday) and I have to say for one of the best lines ever that sure is a weird movie to be in

everyone should just stop working until the rich die of not being served mineral water on a gold cup

"Now I want you to think very carefully and tell me what this is called" I say to a british person, pointing at my stove.

"Th-that's the hob" they stutter out fearfully

I sigh and raise my gun

@ohtorifightclub i hate that they made an island where if someone says "im eating a biscuit" i have to ask which one

i know that nothing about this should be surprising but wow a lot of the art being sold as NFTs is really fucking soulless

would you like to hear about how speedrunning is communist and thus bad? 

version of 💯 emoji that only says 10, for when something isn't that good

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