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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

fantasy/scifi settings that invent their own expletives are extremely cringe imo

How much of a data hoarder are you?

This lesson also taught me to say "I will become the god of the new world," finally some useful Italian

as a militant centrist flying a three arrows flag, i bravely stand against both the ideology of the fascist country i live in AND the ideology of a completely different country i’ve never been to and that hasn’t existed for thirty years

genocide, infanticide 

Hundreds more childrens' corpses found in mass graves at another residential school:

No-one should be surprised by this. First Nations have been saying for years that this happened; all that's new is that they're finally getting the resources to look for their "disappeared" relatives.

I hope the dead of every residential school are found soon, and with that some peace for the survivors & relatives. I also hope Canada doesn't just forget & move on.


unthinkingly mixed a drink intended for blue curacao (~12% ABV) with classy orange liqueur (40%) instead

guess I'll start tonight's drink counter at like 1.6

people in fantasy worlds love to break a Crystal into 4 pieces. and put the pieces into the sea, a volcano, a desert and a forest

AAA game companies are going to take a long look at the failure of Cyberpunk 2077, and say to themselves, “We’ve gotta do more generic medieval fantasy”

legit always a little disappointed when I'm reading a fantasy novel or playing a fantasy game and going North leads to a colder climate

damn, you're imagining a whole new world and cosmology but you can't imagine a southern hemisphere

people say truth in advertising isn't real but like. there's a fantasy author literally named grossman

the result is a definite B-game that someone out there probably loves but I am honestly not even immersed deeply enough to feel any real frustration with the jankiness

anyway here's a screenshot

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