a coexist bumper sticker with a swastika in it

Never had a Turkish delight but if British people like it it probably tastes like shjt

I've watched this namie/AS video like 8 consecutive times and now it's just sitting paused on the last frame

she's so dreamy

ok fedi help me test a theory:

if you are from a country other than the US, were you ever told not to swim immediately after eating? i also added poll options for the americans bcs we don’t handle being excluded well lmfao.

You Need to Opt Out of Amazon Sidewalk gizmodo.com/you-need-to-opt-ou

TL;DR Amazon added a new opt-out peer-to-peer network between their devices, including those on your neighbors’ networks. You share up to 500MB of bandwidth with the houses next to you. Yeah, hell no.

even in the 240p upload you can catch namie being a goddamned legend tbh vimeo.com/389297146

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digging through an old download folder so I can repurpose the hard drive and I found my copy of the Namie Amuro x Afterschool MV

1080i and as far as I can tell, the only full-length copy of this video in the wild online is a 240p upload on vimeo

Can't wait to spend 35 hours in the character creation screen in the new upcoming 1st person shooter

Generation loss comparison between JPEG, WebP, JPEG XL and AVIF:


if I could tell my 10 year old self anything it would be "in 2020 there's nobody around to make you get a haircut. You can just have long hair."

it's getting cold outside! try wearing a mask to keep your face warm!

resisting the urge to copy dan ryckert's "is this ska?" bit but earnestly asking "is this girl crush" on every new kpop mv

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