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yesterday a coworker made fun of me for being alive when chrono trigger was released

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youtube didn't exist until I was well into high school

nobody cares 

unfollowed the ex-wife bot b/c I have faith that I'll see the boosts if it posts anything funny

too me, giving in to the concept that this kind of inane cruelty is inevitable, that we just need to Trust The System even though its clearly entirely nonfunctional, is the true doomerism

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the roe overturn is finally forcing some libs to wake up, but then other turbolibs end up in their mentions like "dont become a doomer!" like admitting that our system is broken and breaking and needs to be bulldozed and started over is the opposite of fucking doomerism lol

today I folded all my laundry for the first time in, uh, 2022

basket zero!*

(*not actually basket zero because I don't have a pants drawer, but they're folded!)

@Gargron this affects communities that arent your own. You arent running a single user instance that can be blocked and ignored. The rest of us have to take a case by case basis blocking all of the spam you allow

the failing new York times isn't failing fast enough

griping about new social media sites is fine and good but "thing isn't federated so it must be bad" is a real low quality take. Federation doesn't inherently make things good! It's a spin on the "just bolt a blockchain on it to make it good" take

it's very funny to me that the best way to get news from the developers of mastodon about their decisions is through twitter

you see the problem with federation is that ppl can defederate with me and not have to see my ass when i show it. with my new website, we can fix this.

users: please mr eugen give us whitelist federation and rich text
eugen: purble :)

can't imagine why the cohost people tried mastodon and then started a new social network with different priorities

DESIGN AGENCY: your problem is, that your platforms perfect, and everyone is jealous of your good branding, and that makes you rightfully upset.
ME: I agree

With the new branding, Mastodon is sure to lure in new users and fix the absolutely unmoderated Nazi problems

my design agency told me to "put a honkin great donger in the signature of my business emails". thank u design agency

strange to see the EPA doing something right on this scale but maybe the whole thing was led by the IRS going after a tax evader

reaching dangerous incompetence levels

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

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