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Announcement, I suppose:

I made a site for tracking what clothes you have in Pokémon Sun/Moon (because the process of getting them all is actually quite involved).

It currently only supports girl clothes because my trainer in the game is a girl.

Here is the site:
Here is the code:

I made this mostly to learn Elixir, Phoenix and other stuff. I've been posting about it for a while but now I finally feel like it's done enough to be shared.

I'll try to keep the site running and accounts preserved but uhh no warranty and no promises.

I wanna add more features to it but I also have other things to do :blobcatOwo: I'll see if I can add at least a tracker for the boy clothes soon.

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Pokémon Black mini-thread
I don't know if I'll keep it up but let's at least try to chain the posts from now on

The adventure of Maxine★ the Pokémon trainer from Unova begins!

gotta get some automatic harvesters soon, getting them all by hand is slow!

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this is what the house+farm looks like now...

Flowers are behind the house on the right.

i got a lot more pam's harvestcraft seeds in my garden now, up to getting ONIONS, so now I can make all this different delicious minecraft food...

the absolute minecraft mod moment when a sword made out of an onion deals more damage than a sword made out of steel

genius app element marks messages as read even before they become decrypted and viewable

she tlaps your colored bags full of more colored bags

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this is so funny, my browser must have saved the directory when i was saving the input there, and then i guess i didnt double check if the pic went to downloads folder

or something

and shes been there ever since...

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remember when they made a tv show that was about roasting justin bieber and he had to be on it

what the hell was that about honestly

its so funny that i wish dead cells would finally cease development so that i could play and learn the game in peace without the looming danger of the devs redoing a major mechanic during the meantime

twitter 🤝 discord
copying random pieces of text i scrolled by into my clipboard

suddenly its dark at 4pm so i dont wanna do shit anymore

me: first things first
me: *starts doing 5 different things at once*

she would never try to get me to join the national guard

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