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this game is so convoluted playing it on autopilot is hard

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just had an bruh moment, i sold a chambered nautilus instead of bringing him to the museum

also TIL ubuntu is debian based?

i did some work today so i think thats good enough

anyways i was wondering why my vim was acting up. turns out i was using vi and not vim

man arch linux is so bad it dont come with vim installed

remember how i was memed into liking dogs

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Rosa Canina, an Okamimimi (β€œWolf Ears”) ranger and her mount/animal companion Awooie. A reference for a character in a Dungeon World campaign.

the artist is

jon bois: oh shit i need a filler chapter i will make something about the best team real quick
me: *tearing up* this is so sad

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valentine jones from 20020 she is different

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apex legends for newbies:
keep in mind the 3D STRATEGY
- Drop immediately
- Die as soon as possible
- Disconnect before your teammate gets a chance to revive you

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A cool community, I guess.