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why does shiny alolan vulpix look the same as the regular one tbh,

hot take maybe but a mobile port isn't a true mobile port if it isn't for android

I got silver medal in Melemele dex
now I only need the Sun exclusives from there!
(and Machamp)

Also I finally unlocked the postgame shops in festival plaza

okay so instead of dealing with glitchy gts i just left an offer in there myself

when the nurse puts your pokémon in the machine at the pokécenter and every one is in a different pokéball

:blobcatMelt: :blobcatMelt: :blobcatMelt:

im sooner gonna evolve every single pokemon i have than find a riolu WTF

trying to catch a riolu... this is gonna take a while... he's 10% chance but it def doesn't feel like it,

anyone wanna do some missions in the festival plaza i got 138 tickets

getting Mareanie via SOS wasn't even so hard

i started playing pokemon moon on release day btw. just thought it was funny

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every once in a while i become a hardcore pokemon fan for like a month and then i go dormant again

but if i catch everything in a premier ball then it wont be the special ball for my special pokemon anymore...

if it were up to me i would be trying to catch every single pokemon in a premier ball...

trading cards are too expensive im making my own trading cards *picks up pencil*

collecting all hidden ability pokemon in all apricorn balls is such a weirdly specific challenge

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what if we made matching pokemon ocs that come from the same town and embark on their adventure on the same day

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