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FFXIV thread 3: Heavensward edition

I'm T'lapka Neteh on Zodiark

link to first two threads will be in first reply

(also spoiler warning for heavensward, duh, i might or might not post screenshots from MSQ)

> crafted 3 new skirts
> ended up not liking any of them
endless customization defeated me again

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clearly i need to grind more dungeons to get more clothes combinations going :tlapkaStare:

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free summer clothes is cool but... im kinda not feeling it no matter what i combine it with

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the smol catgirl in this event makes me wonder what it would be like to play as a smol catgirl
just imagine

lil tlapper gaming

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girl in uldah: go to costa de sol to partake in the festival!
me in costa de sol: where is the festival
karen: you gotta go to limsa
😔 wow girl in uldah made me waste 416 gil for a worthless tp

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i was nervous about tanking this dungeon but I got 3 comms :blobcatMelt:

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>getting rid of some old boxes
>one of the boxes was kawen getting coffee stuff
>i start breaking it and a little wrapped chocolate square falls out at me. it's branded with the coffee shop name and everything

see this is why i recycle, free sweets

i meant to be doing those chores way earlier but uhhh blarchive happened but anyway

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starting a static for
for ocean fishing boat

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