@allison There is way more verity in tea too

Green tea, pu-erh, red tea, oolong white tea
All have a very distinct flavor and smell
Cofe is kinda just

@Jain @allison I drink of cup of cofe literally every single day!!

@ocean I can't vote one way or the other. They both have their times and moods.

@ocean I mostly drink coffee out of these 2, but only for the caffeine, so uh.. I think tea is still better lol.

@ocean I love coffee and it will always have a special place in my heart, but tea is so varied and flavorful.

@ocean Tea for me. Can't stand the taste of coffee TBH

@pyromage Tea shall win in the end, for it is the most honorable

@ocean Is this about the taste or the caffeine high 😶

@ocean I actually like both, I just play up my love of coffee! 😆 I have coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon

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