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do not try to be lewd with me if not 18+ plz. can't handle that rule, don't interact with me at all. thanks.

Alpha Centauri installed successfully and the link has an appropriate path so now just need to migrate savefile

Wish my slacks were fresher for the week but I couldn't focus for the life of me to do anything effectively. I would put some stuff somewhere to do something then completely forget to do it seconds later. Honestly things would have been worse this weekend if I didn't live with anybody I could fall back on for that period of time.

So when I said that I felt like my body was just going through my whole past, now I feel like it's nearing where I am now. Closer to equilibrium.

Very long shower but appropriate length given my last two stinky boii days

head empty means u have reached one of the daoist ideals 🙏🏽 treat urself

In terms of adorableness, awkward positive affirmation > plain positive affirmation

Didn't go to the film screening I was supposed to go this weekend so might have to buy another ticket

When someone asks if something is "affecting ur work" in a psych evaluation, does not likely being given more core company responsibilities count because you know you wouldn't be able to keep up with it? Cuz my bar is high. "Affecting my work" means I would be unemployed. lol

pol, implicit racism 

US lefties stop using Yelow Peril tropes when criticizing Asian politics and culture challenge (impossible)

trans people and bodybuilders should team up until hormones are available over the counter

Basically what I am saying is immigrant culture shock during a developmental period wherein I was still getting conditioned into social norms made me a fucking dork cuz then everything ppl did seemed strange af to me and I could only get on and get by by trying to explain it.

Basically, the reason point of contact at consumption becomes important is because of a change in the average person's food sources and lifestyle, both brought about through social changes, leading to new kinds of risks + the contingent factors that favored some eating utensils over others. my parents couldn't answer it so I did.

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No doubt, ever since then I naturally thought about a lot of things in sociological terms.

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Like: (a) people could use disposable gloves to eat food, (b) most food-borne illnesses are related to point of contact during the food preparation process more than point of consumption, (c) if you are feeding yourself chances are if u have a pathogen on ur hand u will get sick at some point during the day without it having to be through food (people tend to touch themselves), which means the increased health benefit is extremely marginal

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This is how I discovered what culture is and it was very formative lol "Ohhh, ppl just *do* things"

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Did anybody else get peeved at a very young age when u asked why ppl eat with forks and spoons when there are other possible ways to keep hygiene/sanitation that don't interfere with point of contact and they never gave a straight answer

my dad grew up with the same tic except he refuses to believe it's a somatization of anxiety/distress. all these tics lessen when I'm at my best. which is why this is such a blast from the past.

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zamn. just noticed my "twitching my knees in n out" tic is back. my body going thru its entire past. lol

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