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do not try to be lewd with me if not 18+ plz. can't handle that rule, don't interact with me at all. thanks.

Me going to meetings: :blobcatFine:
Me remembering meetings are paid: :blobcatFine:

Hmmm. Soda is not that healthy but also easy source of caffeine.. Hmmm..

20 minutes until Zoom meeting and this is actually when I'm starting to feel like napping. It's always the meetings. 😞

Worst part of getting up later is that feeling that the day was short. The day literally flew past me today and I literally only had, like, 3 errands to run.

So apparently an anarchist historian stated that many of the first anarchists (idk if maybe in a US context) were, even if left-wing, non-anarchist prior to their experience of migration. They only became so post-migration. I find this a fascinating observation, considering it sounds personally familiar.

homophobia / transphobia mention 

My grandma is a sweet lady until she says that she wouldn't allow her sons (or grandson) to come home with their male partner. I'm sure if I were to bring a trans partner it would confuse her transphobic brain tremendously when trying to enforce this rule.

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You know, I haven't brought any of that stuff up and don't wanna say "told you so," but the lack of acknowledgment just makes me realize more how useless my opinion is in this household, despite the fact that I'm the one who eventually will be depended on or take the mantle sooner or later. Not sure if it's healthy for me to get too used to this.

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Dad is now out of the ER. Breathing better but now needs a walker. He seems to want to isolate. Long overdue for him to take this stuff srsly. But w/e.

Ok after all this I wanna be babied for a little bit. Seems nice. lol

Long day again. And I don't even have any idea if I'll be able to go in tomorrow for work. I told my manager I changed my mind and that it's more guaranteed I can start going in next week. I hope my family can handle it when I'm not quite available to be going back and forth from the hospital.

If I were ever hospitalized one day I'll probably be the annoying old guy that keeps asking their nurse to put on their favorite VTuber on the screen.

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