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do not try to be lewd with me if not 18+ plz. can't handle that rule, don't interact with me at all. thanks.

Despite the flaws in "Lords of Chaos," it's nice to get a dramatized film about metal tbh.

Saw the film "Lords of Chaos." Quite cringe at times but what do you expect from a film about black metal edgelords taking themselves too seriously. I guess it would have been better if there was more character exploration/development.

Got a pretty good score on the PCEP cumulative so now I can PROCEED to the actual exam. But getting a 90%-95% instead tends to make me more confident.

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And yes, these hard right conservative pro-Trump Christian cultists that believe in conspiracy theories are just an extreme version of what passes off as normal and "American as apple pie" in the United States.

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pol, security state, bias 

Didn't mention CIA here because I feel like there is literally nothing to salvage. lol Everything that just happened is pretty much their modus operandi abroad.

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pol, security state, bias 

Cops and the FBI are, as has become obvious and clear now, terrible at threat assessments because their assessments are skewed by ideological bias, specifically their bias towards suspicion of people skeptical/critical of the State or status quo government or even just establishment institutions in general, while having a bias towards underestimating people who are merely extreme versions of the status quo institutions. This means also an elite bias, which leads to uneven consequences for the heads of movements v. their peons.

Of course, this is because the security state is ideologically always going to be in favour of itself, which it means it's going to have a tendency towards conservation. The silver lining of this is that in many cases it can provide stability, but it can also come at a huge cost during more high-stakes conflicts brought about by polarization.

State security agencies are the kinds of agencies that need the most checks & balances for this reason.

some ppl be like "I agree with your position even if it requires that I accept a framework inconsistent with my own, because then I can flatten it and weaponize it to make false equivalencies. I am very smurt."

No patience for these types tbh. May mute/block when not in despair.


Basics of acquiring political legitimacy:

* A worthy cause
* Either clout with the public, or being able to provide popularly satisfactory answers to public concerns
* An ability to be able to prioritize tactics and modulate response in a way that shows your movement is sensitive to the varying costs change can have (i.e., that you actually care about what's at stake for regular ppl and not just ppl in the in-group)
* The right balance between movement inclusivity and security practices
* A consist way of delineating the enemy
* Possessing accurate, true information needed to navigate the political landscape to be able to do all of the former

Trump supporters have none of these, which is why they not only failed, but deserve all the backlash they are currently receiving.

Boomers really still be living in the Cold War. It colors how they read what people write every time.

Libs are scared of both sides, but ultimately that means they can't tackle any of the issues that lead us to where we are. Only leftists have been taking this shit seriously so far.

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Criticizing polarization itself is also a way of ignoring systemic issues, *like* oligarchic, kleptocratic duopoly, and especially ones that are high-stakes (e.g., climate change) that contribute to lesser degrees of compromise. There are still moderate libs I see engaging in lazy thinking in an age where we need rigorous thinking in the face of disinfo networks, though they are more and more a smaller segment. Which is even more evidence their appeals to "moderation" is engagement in wishful thinking rather than meeting the situation head-on.

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It is apparent to me that people confuse the effects of political duopoly with the effects of polarization. They are not the same thing. Polarization is more of an issue in duopolies, but is not inherently a problem, because having poles, no matter how far apart, is still better than having either an incorrect consensus, or having a merely perceived consensus because only one segment of people choose to keep their ideological preferences private for the sake of democratic cooperation. Also, ignoring the potential asymmetric cause behind polarization for "both-sidesism" is a way of abstracting the issue enough to evade/avoid questions of relative responsibility.

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