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do not try to be lewd with me if not 18+ plz. can't handle that rule, don't interact with me at all. thanks.

Interview went well I think. I talked my ass off. πŸ‘€ I guess overtalking when your nervous is better than falling silent but holy Jesus I don't even know if most of what I said helped or hurt. πŸ˜‚

@mao just want to say, your current pfp matches your energy so well for some reason

kpop is popular with girls because girls wanna see cute boys do cute things fellas

Shilling Pixel's FLOSS alt to curiouscat, Retrospring, again

Made an account: AMA

The demo lesson I have to do is through Zoom so I have to figure something out that isn't just me talking. πŸ€”

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams but you can melt my heart

I hate that shooting happened the day before I have my job interview. I needed a better headspace than this, but silver-lining it has me temporarily more cold-blooded so maybe I can be more calculating during the interview. lol

Djenty metalcore with an amazing breakdown (tho honestly the whole track feels like a breakdown lmao).

I always return to this goddamn Demo. It's just death metal with a ton of groove so I never get tired of it.

I'm listening to metal now just to get some adrenaline out of my system after going through that.

Imagine I'm having a Zoom interview and the people in it hear gunshots from out my window. lol a m a z i n'.

Doesn't seem like anyone died. No ambulance in sight. They must have some pathetic aim for ppl that wanna act tough.

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An absolutely, positively American night, full of gunshots outside my building.

My dad finally gave the greenlight to start the OS installation process. Will probably do so during the weekend though. Friday earliest.

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