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honestly i should start just blocking people who don't adhere to my "don't follow me out of blue" policy

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introduction, boring 

so, to make a proper introduction (how many times has it been already?)
hi, i'm Michał, i go by he/him pronouns. i speak english and polish.
i study computer science at uni of Warsaw, i did my BSc thesis while on hiatus from fedi, and (to dismay of a google recruiter back in january) i'm back for MSc.
i usually don't like computers anymore, but i don't have much else to turn to. i think rust and zig are super cool programming languages, but the market here is more into python (which i guess is fair because it's faster to write a full django web app without tests than get something in rust to compile if all you have is 4 interns). i like having a lot of choices when it comes to programming languages.
i like video games (not so much when they're competitive though), anime (as can be seen from my profile picture which has been Shima Rin from Yuru Camp for the last few years) and webcomics. my musical taste is kinda all over the place.
my first fedi instance was niu, and now i've come a full cycle of grief towards fedi and i am back to step 1, or so it seems.
i'm looking forward to hanging out here again!

on the plus side it was quite a derivative idea and i remember one of the games it was inspired by so i just need to run into the other game

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you may recall i had a vidya game idea a few weeks ago and didn't write here what exactly. well fuck i don't remember now

aety's prophecy was true, i like the aeropress

made a somewhat weird decision of setting my crossposter to post as unlisted, we'll see how that goes

played some pokemon bri diamond and did the save the world big boss fight. but the gameplay loop is so not my thing lol

*scientist holding a phial meme* finally
a filter that removes misskey qrts

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imagine if

clientside mrf

you install a server that proxies all requests to mastodon api and applies filters to them

hot take but misskey should just make quote posts be replies to quoted posts

if you're looking for relatively chill music there's Eri Sasaki's album from this year which just happens to be a superset of her Yuru Camp adjacent singles

made a very silly webapp to help me make my anime watching as productive as possible stoic-banach-fda51b.netlify.ap you give it your anilist username and it gives you the show on your todo list that's fastest to finish

i picked up another anime from this season and it hit me at some point that it's kind of weird when two characters working part time at a convenience store and don't wear masks??

tlapka showed up to my stream, fixed my microphone, and took my mleko. blessed

more specifically because before i realized their web console was also breaking, i decided to try to reboot to fix the problem, and i have full disk encryption on that server, lol

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all my services (including my profile over at are currently down because hetzner is, judging by the problems i have with their web console, dying inside

it was brought to my attention that not everyone knows i've decided to move most of my fedi activity to like a week ago or so

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Hi, time for another round of #introductions from me!

I'm Michał. My pronouns are he/him or they/them. I live in Poland. I do weird things to computers sometimes.

I study Computer Science at the University of Warsaw, and that takes most of my time these days. But when I'm not busy with uni, I enjoy video games (which boils down to shooting my way through season passes of Destiny 2 and sniffing in the lore of it) and anime (most importantly, Yuru Camp).

This is my new fedi instance and I'd like to bring my friends here, though it hasn't worked last time I tried, and I don't really expect it to work this time, but who knows?

This is my public profile, so feel free to send a follow. Unless you're a super mean person, then don't. I guess.

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