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introduction, boring 

so, to make a proper introduction (how many times has it been already?)
hi, i'm MichaΕ‚, i go by he/him pronouns. i speak english and polish.
i study computer science at uni of Warsaw, i did my BSc thesis while on hiatus from fedi, and (to dismay of a google recruiter back in january) i'm back for MSc.
i usually don't like computers anymore, but i don't have much else to turn to. i think rust and zig are super cool programming languages, but the market here is more into python (which i guess is fair because it's faster to write a full django web app without tests than get something in rust to compile if all you have is 4 interns). i like having a lot of choices when it comes to programming languages.
i like video games (not so much when they're competitive though), anime (as can be seen from my profile picture which has been Shima Rin from Yuru Camp for the last few years) and webcomics. my musical taste is kinda all over the place.
my first fedi instance was niu, and now i've come a full cycle of grief towards fedi and i am back to step 1, or so it seems.
i'm looking forward to hanging out here again!

in case y'all been ignoring my polish jokes today, i always try to put a translation in alt text

i mean okay it's possible to do this it's just inefficient af

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me: i'm not gonna do that today cause it requires raw sql
boss: okay do this easy thing instead
me: okay
the thing: *also requires raw sql*
me: okay wtf

nvm i just needed to turn off super-eco-energy-saving in my display because there's now a lot of light coming from the window

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installed fantasque sans mono nerd font and had to like double the font size in the terminals but i like the shapes

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tfw there's snow outside but you open a window cause the sun's making it unbearably hot inside

what if i changed my mono font from overpass to fantasque

it's that time of the year when all public benefit organizations want my 1% of income tax but my taxable income for last year is 0

tfw "love will surely kill us" by defqwop and slyleaf was my spotify 2019 most played only to pretty much disappear from my 2020 listening eh

for whatever reason it reminded me of this piano version of virtual self's particle arts

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golden fish theme from iroduku ost is so good


how did a bank decide to put its regional hq on a street where i have to choose which human poo i want to stand next to on the pavement

finished the first book in ages thanks to the queue

one of the more interesting mechanisms in polish clinics is where you use patients as paper document conduits. the secretary at registration hands you your file and you have to sneak it into the doctor's room somehow

got dropped off at a clinic at 9:45 for a consultation formally scheduled at 10 (but i was warned i would probably need to wait)
at 10:25 i managed to queue my way through registration

thought i was in the "nobody is awake" limbo but guess not

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It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
You can find more infos on this place by clicking there.