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Nueva colección de figuras de Pokémon "Terrarium Collection 11" de Re-Ment. Saldrá a la venta el 23 de mayo en Japón. (1 / 2)

if I ever did a thunderbird fork (something I highly doubt) I'd call it zapdos

Old computers/game consoles are fun... you just have a cpu and a bunch of addressable memory and you do things by writing things to hardware registers... comfy...

finally I can go retrieve my new glasses

I have to repair a DSi yet and I'm lazy... I have to solder a flex port to the board and replace the digitalizer

I tend to distance people from me and even if I'm working on fixing such behavior, it's still one of my issues when having meaningful relationships

happy to be able to date with friend this upcoming weekend, but another part of me wants to distance and being colder

resuming my sleep in the yard, while feeling morning breeze and birbs

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