Whew the new Gajim UI is even more impressive than I realised.

For a preview, first make sure its dependencies are installed then run these:

git clone https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim.git cd gajim git checkout mainwindow ./launch.py -s

I don’t know if it breaks anything with the current Gajim installation but it seems to be working fine so far :blobcatgoogly:

Keep in mind that this is all in development and things could change completely before the release. I’m just very excited about this and want to get others hyped up as well.

1: Workspaces

This looks similar to Telegram’s folders; they’re collections of individual conversations and MUCs that can be grouped together however you please across any accounts Gajim knows about. You can click the icons to switch between them.

2: Conversations

These are the collections of chats and MUCs that are part of your selected workspace. The strip of colour on the left indicates which account (5) is in use in that chat. Maybe your work XMPP account is in a work MUC, you’re chatting with a friend from your personal account, and you’re in a sketchy MUC with a separate anonymous account like me :meowEyes: All of that info is displayed very clearly.

3: Chat window

Even this has been redesigned to look amazing :akko_scream2: Rather than cramming the timestamp, display name, and message body all on the left so the message contents end up misaligned as the time changes, you now have a decently-sized profile picture on the far left, the username on top of the message body, both left-aligned, and the timestamp on the far right.

4: Participants list

Just a list of people in the group chat. As far as I can tell, this hasn’t changed from previous releases.

5: Accounts

These are the accounts Gajim currently knows about. Your profile picture is displayed with a status indicator in the bottom right of the icon showing whether the account is connected to the server. On the right is the colour you’ve associated with that account. Clicking these items takes you to the second screenshot where you can see all the contacts in that account’s roster, access the account’s settings, change its profile picture, set your presence and a status message, and view the notifications that account has received while Gajim has been opened.

I will be pushing friends and groups towards XMPP even harder now because holy hell it’s about to get good! :blobhyperwubbel:

network is going kinda slow now

*notes down reminder to gift a new wifi router*

oooh did docker just became a horrible shit with 5$/month subscription? oh boo hoo now you'll have to write real code that doesn't need a packaged linux install to work

I had a dream last night with some pokemon snap-like game wut

just renewed my domain for 3 years more, what a expensive shit

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