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hot take of today
if you are videogames press you have 0 idea of videogames

thanks for reading my blog post

gonna start calling babies "artificial lifeforms". a human made that and you're telling me it's natural?

fanfic or something 

I need a Pokemon with Digimon plot...
Upper dimension beings are brought to the pokemon world by mistake and the codification error of this reality makes them an eater hivemind that absorb pokemon and reestructure their data. so the final boss is Neo Arceus fused with all the Unown in a Spacial Time dimension created by Palkia and Dialga fused with Giratina because the universe got nulled into a singularity, and you try fight Neo Arceus while Giratina X3 struggles because the dimension is being compressed and they die in the process. you are then absorbed by Neo Arceus and destroy the singularity from inside by Necrozma absorbing all the light and then sacrifice by doing tp to arceus hall and releasing the stream.
After that, Arceus now free just just roll back the time because fixing that it's impossible and purges for existence what brought those beings to this universe. Also Necrozma is gone for eternity too and nobody remembers them

play digimon cyber sleuth, this isn't a recommendation 🔫

some pixelfed instances you recommend?

I'm not in the mood for kid's rages these days...

Dual Wielding katanas en cyberpunk para ser un verdadero overclocked ninja when

Got this present today from my boyfriend, it's so cool!!

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