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today was a nice bday day, played taiko, ate borgar and drank sake :blobcatHeartHug:
I feel so happy too many online friends and beloved people remembered about it, sharing with your friends it's the best part :blobcatInLove:

how much time is this guy gonna make me wait for him................

today I'm gonna nom a big burger because I'm big and old now and it's my bday

- human brain is deterministic!

physicists: :O

Reason why today is cool:
- I get back my marks
- After I get home my summer break begins
- it's @kogomi 's birthday
@kogomi Happy birthday to the best girl, my lovely Rinita! :cathug: I love you so much.

ARGH i hate autotranslated websites :blobfoxflamethrower2:
Just give me the english version goddam XDD

- syuilo making a PR that adds (non-configurable, permanent) logging of IP addresses to misskey
- syuilo made a PR about AI image classification as NSFW that can be used as upload filter
- the google integration was a big point of contention in the past
- syuilo claims in the contribution guide that he is the best person that has an overview of the code base and is therefore the only person allowed to merge things. yet merging takes forever. even for very simple changes that have been reviewed by multiple other people on the misskey-dev team

i really wonder how much more it will take so i will actually fork misskey. but if i'm alone i'll not end up much better either.

when are they releasing FFXIV offline like with dragon quest 10

Elden Ring featuring Samuel Rodrigues from Metal Gear (with Blade Wolf as spirit)

shulk is a garbage of a character and so is half of the xenoblade cast.

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