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Tried my first can of non-alcoholic IPA and I’m amazed that they made it work. I wouldn’t have known this was NA if I didn’t read the label

Oh yeah, Zelda feels a lot better to control with this. Tho I wish I could remap the attack button to A

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TIL that fat cells are practically permanent after your teens. Welp, that explains why I haven’t been able to gain abs for all my life


Women just want one thing and it's fucking disgusting

yes, I did watch 2 hours of why NFTs and cryptos are a worse system for humanity

and yes, I still want these horrors unleashed upon us

Anyways, I just wanted to try natural (dry) process beans. They definitely taste great, but not worth fucking my sleep over.

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"I will continue to be. But you have to be very careful to see me. I will be a flower or a leaf. I will be in those forms and send you a greeting. If you are aware enough, you will recognize me, and you will be smiling at me. I will be very happy about it." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

I’ve noticed this with terminally online politics. There is a deep sense of dissatisfaction with their western country, but instead of supporting policies that’ll improve their society, they support any adversary that’ll bring chaos. Chaos that won’t affect the westerner personally mind you, but just enough to stick it to the man. At least they think it won’t affect them

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Russia or China stans are all like: “ah man, I hate Western colonialism, but this authoritarian colonialism? That shit based”

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