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Seeing caterpillars before taking up gardening: wow so cute!
:blobcatPrettyPlease: 🐛

Seeing caterpillars now: nooo! Stop eating my basils! I want to make pasta this week
🌿 🐛  :blobcatSadLife:

So what you’re saying Kurzgesagt is that we can fuck over 1.2 quadrillion future people, possibly more, from ever existing? I’m pretty sure we can manage that

Did you know in Europe, if you ask for tap water at a restaurant, they just pee on your face?

The government doesn’t want you to know this, but you can just make your own burg at home 🍔 :blobcatHungry:

Guns on trial in Supreme Court: it’s in the Constitution! Madison’s left nut said this and is the Word of GOD!

Voting Rights, Separation of Church & State, random stop & search, right to privacy, and Miranda on trial in Supreme Court: lol fuck that piece of paper

In all honesty, the anime was more atmospheric and aesthetically driven than it was story wise. Seems like I should read the manga to fill in the gaps and better understand what just happened

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The same studio that made Spy x Family also made this lovely short, which is also about an orphaned child who is adopted under strange circumstances


Here's a wining strategy, find a local progressive candidates on this map and get them into office

At every election. This ain't one and done

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This is why leftist posts that are critical of voting bug me. There's a clear pattern that we don't consistently vote as often as Cons do and it's such a losing strategy


2016, it was 2016

I swear this idiotocracy deserves the government that it has


The left can’t organize

But hey, let’s post about a violent revolution. That’ll totally work out.

This is what happens when you allow "conservatives" a voice in society.

Stop talking to your "I'm not racist but" "friends". Your misogynist uncle. Your transphobic parents. Ban them from your life.

They're not going to stop here. They will criminalize transsexuality. They will criminalize same-sex relationships, not only marriage. They will criminalize inter-racial relationships. They will round up atheists. They will ban porn and burn books.

We have to end the Senate filibuster and codify abortion rights into law. That would happen only if Dems actually take over the Senate this year without turncoats like Sinema, but I’m hopeless about this country’s voting access and, hell, the voters themselves

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