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Edge of Tomorrow spoiler 

Also, when Sergeant Rita kissed Cage, that was such a betrayal of her character. We don't need romance in every scifi action film. Pacific Rim showed us that Hollywood can get through a whole movie without the main characters embracing.

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And when I say "as good as it gets," the Hollywood version was more comedic and didn't have a heavy ending like the novel did. The final film didn't even honor the original screenplay.

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Just saw Edge of Tomorrow. It was a light novel adaptation, but that's as good as it gets when it comes to a US live-action adaptation of some weeb shit

Why Native Like Water? Our local beaches belong to the Kumeyaay. Their culture is interconnected with the ocean and this organization helps preserve that culture. As an Armo, I very much empathize with that preservation

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For my birthday, the older and more settled I become, the less I desire gifts and the more joy I feel to see donations being made on my behalf. If you’re feeling generous, please make a donation to Native Like Water and let me know :D

Blurred the photos cause I don’t want to post my nephew’s photo online. Can you imagine growing up and your photos are already online? Fuck that

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My friend gave me this housewarming gift where it looks like we’re a married couple cause it just photos of me, him, and my baby nephew.

I’m totally embracing that basic boi life 💁🏽‍♂️

Men position their bathroom mirrors in a way where you can see your dick while peeing. Idk why this is a thing. it just is

Nostalgia is in some ways a grieving at the cruelty of time going in a single direction

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My dad called me to say he had a dream that we were back in Iran. It was a family day at a museum and my sis & I were young kids again. Not gonna lie, almost cried hearing him tell me that 😭

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