I'm honestly looking forward to tomorrow, to the next four years. Sure, I can be pessimistic. There's a lot to be pessimistic about, but at least now, there's more to be hopeful of.

Wow, This Anime Does Not Exist definitely is something thisanimedoesnotexist.ai/

It does generate many "sensitive" images though, just fyi

I’ve been exposed to so many Southeast Asian gurus and monarchs ever since I’ve started ordering from vegan restaurants

Achievement unlocked: baked cookies 🍪

The cooks illustrated recipe with the browned butter tip gave them deep toffee flavors 🤤


If you argue “supply and demand,” well you got one piece of the puzzle, but ask yourself who’s the demand? Who‘s really setting the labor price here? Cause it ain’t the “unskilled” supply washingtonpost.com/business/20

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"Unsalted butter was fancy butter first made in France" youtu.be/kP1BHrvYopI?t=346

You can't trick me anymore @Miaourt. I'm coming for your fancy unsalted butter! :blobcatEvilKnife: <- that's a butter knife

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