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omg, the boy with the long name. The ending song to Joshiraku makes sense now!

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When I see subs on an anime make a pun in English. I just know that translation has been completely reworked. There’s no way “Antartica” and “Person-artica” are a direct translation of what was said in Japanese. They must have mentioned a different country

I’m waiting at a car service center and I just noticed that there’s a hole in my pants! Ahhhh!

“The United States is one of the only countries with an Olympic Committee that is not supported through federal government support.”

Why am I not surprised? 🙄

NBC won't let me stream the game anymore. I need a cable subscription -_-

Olympic broadcasting still stuck under boomer business model

TIL that after the Civil Rights Movement, Bob Moses focused on improving math literacy in 'merica by founding The Algebra Project

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Bob Moses died today. I first learned about him from John Lewis' comic book March. Moses was a reserved leader in the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and so wasn't as well known as John Lewis or MLK

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