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Please check out my *awesome* new avatar by @Roxy!! Also check our her game in progress Shield Cat.

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this post hereby represents blanket encouragement to @ me with your cute and/or cool bunnies

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y’all hear about this darth plaguies the wise guy? wild stuff

I love this low detail cat model Wikipedia used to try to explain how cats land on their feet.

concussion neg 

i don’t want to have one anymore ;_;

@whalefall alright listen up you FUCKWEASELS its time for a other round of GOOD TAKES and if you disagree I will BLOCK YOU

what will last longer?

if i held the levers of power, i would simply ensure everyone was treated equitably


waiting at the doctor. my favorite place to wait

damn everquest is still getting expansions. wild...


it is time for my jourey

musing about being a stalker victim 

having been relentlessly stalked in the past, i am exceedingly careful about my information online. I just did a search this week (i do one about once a quarter), and found more places to request removal of my information from.

it's been literally a decade and a name change, but i'm still always at risk of my stalker deciding to resume his search. i'm probably going to feel like i need to be vigilant until he finally passes away.

i don't even have the same name or gender assignment anymore, but i wonder how well my tracks are covered. i wonder if he thinks who i am now is the wife or child of who i was under my old name or if he's put two and two together.

recent events indicate he is still obsessed with myself, my brother, and my mother, so i've been particularly vigilant lately. it sucks and i'm tired of it. while he's alive there'll always be a part of me that never feels entirely safe.

i dunno if there was a point to this aside from "fuck stalkers" but hey if you read i hope you've gained some insight into what it's like to be a victim of a stalker.

strong bad pretending to know things about any video game made after 1989 voice: oh yeah, i've played aaaall the videjo games—i mean, just the cool ones tho. i've played aaaall the cool games. like, uuuhh "sonic attorney" and "ace the hedgehog" and...
strong sad: (wearing sega dreamcast shirt) strong bad, you do know that Miles Edgeworth and Miles "Tails" Prower are different characters, right?
sb: what are you talking about?! that little fox twink looks great in his suit and cravat, standing on tables, dramatically pointing at things... Miles "Tails" Edgeworth is The Best!
ssad: sigh (trudges away)

me @ work: friday is topologically part of the weekend so i'm taking today off

which is cuter?

Miles Edgeworth cosplaying Miles "Tails" Prower
Miles "Tails" Prower cosplaying Miles Edgeworth

please explain, present evidence, and argue with each other in the replies

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