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this post hereby represents blanket encouragement to @ me with your cute and/or cool bunnies

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ok i've spent enough time laying down and being grumpy now it's time to figure out dinner

I need people to understand that when someone makes a post about something that makes them happy, Trying to take that and transform it into something that you like better in their mentions might be fun ribbing to you, but really all you’re doing is invalidating the original persons thing and making it about you

this made me so viscerally uncomfortable because people did this to me all the time that I had to make a post about it and pin it, and I’m still seeing people do this to other people too, so for the love of hell, think about how the things you say might affect other people before you say them


i have had an incredibly frustrating day :bunSad:

back when the original SF2 was popular in arcades, there was a short-lived fad to cover the life bars with electric tape on the screen. I guess for competitive players this would just add an extra hurdle, they'd probably soon memorize the damage of every attack. but for casual players, it added an element of tension, suddenly the music picks up and you're like, wait I'm already close to dying? I liked that, wish it was an option in modern games.

I’m sorry I said β€œthe crimes of this guilty land will not be washed away except by blood” about your snickerdoodle recipe

homer: wife, i desire to see the neighbour take his last breath. shall i go to confession

marge: homer. have you checked with the boy to see if returning flanders to our lord is not in fact a just and righteous deed

homer: boy. what say you

bart: a truth for a skateboard! a truth for a skateboard! a truth for a skateboard!

homer: i promise to procure this skateboard of which you speak oh oracle

bart: flanders must die

lisa: the boy lies

homer: silence witch. he knows only truth

they say that, like fingerprints, everyone's creepy dark souls laugh is unique

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