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Please check out my *awesome* new avatar by @Roxy!! Also check our her game in progress Shield Cat.

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i have a big scar on my belly and i like to tell people i got it in the gender wars

fire emblem sure does love its good-hearted middle aged generals fighting for the wrong side lol

is it just me or do a lot of people have april birthdays


fun fact there's actually no such thing as a nonlethal weapon

@hoppet i think this is when modern english peaked. it's all downhill from here

remember the word amazeballs? that sure was a linguistic construction wasn't it

stellaris dlc and big update on wednesday and i have $20 in my steam wallet *vibrates*

yahoo should probably just shut down in its entirety lol i mean is anyone using it that isn’t just going to it based on old brand recognition

what's the deal with all this sun bring me more april showers


the moon landing was an isekai

like the ability to refund games is all well and good but don't go acting like you're some sort of punitive games force or something

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i just read the phrase "refund offence" on a steam forum thread and i think i wilted a little inside why must gamers be like this

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