If you're more of a vanilla kinda person I would suggest creating a Hello World project from the templates but even that has a 50/50 change of feeling like a 6 months trip to the dungeon all in one sitting. That's also why I suggest a standing desk.

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People be hornyposting. Here some quick tips to avoid having to tell Fedi about it:

Open Android Studio and try upgrading the Gradle Plugin on a two months old product, even the biggest Bad Dragon product can't give you an experience quite like that. Not enough? Try upgrading a project that is a whole minor update lower. Just beware talking from experience Google doesn't stop no matter which safe word you'll be screaming.

I wish I could just wipe my ass of Italy's problems but it takes so long to change nationality that even tho I saw the writing on the wall years ago and left literally as soon as I had a chance, it's gonna be 4 more years before I can spit on that flag. I will have waited 26 years to reject the country I don't belong to and it will be the best day of my life. I'm jealous of the half of Tyrol that wasn't sold off against its will after WW1.

tl;dr: Just use Chrome or Edge and stop being a little bitch. People that mald over open source not being fragmented and dysfunctional enough already have Firefox as an alternative choice.

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People malding over Blink being the primary web browser engine

Bitch what the fuck are browsers supposed to use? Firefox still can't render shit properly on most platforms, Opera's own engine was never meant to be, what the fuck should people use? WebKit? Need I remind you the only browser using WebKit is Safari? AND SOMEHOW IT'S STILL MORE STABLE THAN FIREFOX

Fucking browser people are the same people that bitched for 15 years over every engine doing its own non-standard thing then we finally get one engine that works and everyone loses their shit because web service companies invest in it.

Me: I'm making this game engine with Vulkan because I want modern AND multi-platform. I'm using C# because I want it to be easy to not fuck up too hard.

Also me: Every tool is bleeding edge SwiftUI based. You're gonna need a Macbook and an enrolment certificate for Developer Preview shit that hasn't even come out yet if you want to do visual scripting. Are you a writer? That's what Macbooks are for, don't have one? Fuck off.

The bonus of this is that holy shit are the tools good. I'm making visual scripting, I am two days in and this already feels like it has strong potential of being Nintendo's Game Building Garage but for developers. Not as powerful as Unreal Engine blueprints (although it definitely could be) but definitely has all the good parts of that. Next up is a shader editor in the same style.

I'm going all in on this node-based stuff.

Don't want nodes? Godot just removed them entirely. Go use that python-like homemade stinky shitter of a scripting language but buy a Macbook first because you'll be back in no time and you'll need a Macbook.

Been up all night decided to keep going after a quick sauna sesh in the morning (my early evening now, I've been up 14 hours) to recharge some energy, relieve some stress and push to reset my sleep schedule before the next work week.

You can just open Visual Studio Code and ask GitHub Copilot for the GTA 6 codebase this is what the woke left doesn't want you to know.

Just done freshly installing Windows 11 22H2 on my main setup.

Finnish is great as long as you don't mind every single vegetable being as sad and tasteless as cucumber, or costing 4 times the normal price and still not tasting like much.

video game idea: you're the finnish prime minister's secretary and are responsible for handling damage control after each of her weekly scandals

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The <Technical Term> Triangle.

Dear engineers, it's not a "pick 2 deliver all 3" triangle, it's a whole ass encyclopedia and you can pick at most a sentence worth of words to deliver the whole damn Odyssey. Triangles only exist in 3D graphics, engineering works on lists, of multiple hundreds of something. The technical requirements are the same thing.

I am ever more convinced that the only people that could do this reincarnated from AutoCad AddOn developers and didn't find their previous life damaging enough to the technological development of the human species.

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Why would anyone want to use Clojure for web development

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