Today was my first time wearing a dress. Not something I had planned just something I realised after the fact.

And it was on a date with a cute girl too :blobcatOwo:

Been visiting my new partner for the last couple of days. Has been cozy :blobcatPuffyMorning:

Past week has been very stressful. So will most of this week be.

I'm rather looking forward to having the time and energy to see some of my friends again.

A friend just offered to let me stay at their place for Worldpride this summer :blobcatOwoHappy:

Today I discovered that you can follow daily COVID-19 statistics in Denmark via Teletext (Tekst-TV) page 650

Also, »vedkommende« is usually only used to refer to hypothetical people.

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Apparently according to Facebook in Danish, my pronoun is »vedkommende«, which ironically isn't a pronoun. That's just a verb used to refer to a relevant person.

Looks like they went for a mix of pronoun omissions and some otherwise weird wording.

They could have just used de/dem, which could just as well be our they/them.

A friend just called me nyanbinary :blobcatUwu:

A friend wanted me to prove that the skirt goes spinny. Indeed it does.

Just submitted 9 pull requests in different repos to replace my old username. Social transition is hard work

I love how multiple people, mostly strangers, have come forward to replace my deadname from some of my git repos :blobcatUwu:

You ever wake up to see how one of the open source IDE plugins you use has transitioned from Apache-licensed to an EULA with a monthly subscription cost?

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One day I should probably set up a second Linux user for work. I think it would be easier for me to unwind if I had separate virtual environments.

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men: can show nipples
women: cannot show nipples
nonbinary: only one tit allowed

I wonder if I might be genderfluid. Last night I felt dysphoric when someone called me 'she'.

Trying out they/them now :nonbinaryFlag:

I only just came out on GitHub and now someone is harassing me by stealing my old username, breaking URL redirects :/

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only in german 

@freya @mzk
Mitgift: dowry
mit Gift: with poison
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Only in Spain 

Esposa - wife
Esposas - handcuffs
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