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The nap gods have granted me a few hours of sleep this evening :blobcatBlessUp:

It's been nearly 3 years since I've last worked with electronics. Back then I built a table-size voice-controlled robot that would move pieces around on a chessboard using magnets.

For a beginner's electronics course in gymnasium.

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New toys just arrived.

Normally I'd be using the university workshops but oh well.


After coming to my GP's clinic twice he sent a message casually remarking how I probably have a mild infection like a cold :blobcatThonkang:

My boss just announced a video call for the first time in months. I really don't want to be presenting male but now is pretty bad timing for coming out.

Mildly NSFW 

DuckDuckGo gave me exactly what I asked but not what I was expecting

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Just got out of the shower and now I'm wondering if my hips were always this wide relative to my waist.

At my age, hip growth was never guaranteed.

I actually did some rather atrocious things with IPv6. I developed some software that balances API requests across an entire /48 blocks (2⁸⁰ IPs!) to avoid ratelimits.

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Been tracking down a fatal bug at works for about two weeks now.

Finally got a lead. Turns out that stress testing is quite inefficient if you cache all your requests.

It's only 1 PM and my brain already wants to nap.

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re: uni- 

I am already behind on my professional work due Monday so that's fun.

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Just now noticed that I apparently have a 5 page group exam project due on Friday. I only know this because I randomly saw someone talk about it on Discord :blobcatNotLikeThis:

Groups were probably made weeks ago in a lecture I didn't attend.

I used to be most productive in the afternoon/evening. My brain has now decided that such a time is sleepy time :blobcatDead:

Starting to get used to actually cooking (vegan) meals for myself several times a week, despite struggling to find energy for much else. I still have a lot of dishes and techniques to learn though :blobcatHungry:

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