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@kaia i mean yeah, like russia is the biggest country in the world but on maps it's small as shit

I'm currently on a EuroCity train, because those apparently exist. I've never been on a DB train before but I guess this is technically one.

How u-haul is it to go to IKEA on the third date and within a week of dating? Asking for a friend

I have somehow just spontaneously managed to plan my day around the 3 Scandinavian countries, meeting with 2 Norwegians, 2 Swedes and 1 other Dane :blobcatUwu:

Had a friend who is a mechanical engineering student look at an apartment for us to move into. He was late so he only got a couple of minutes.

He didn't get a good look at the apartment but he did admire the wiring setup which exceeded building code requirements. Priorities I guess :blobcatSmileSweat:

My Swedish friend just referred to me as one of her Norwegian friends. She also says that I've been banished from Denmark.

Guess I'm Norwegian then :blobcatShrugSmirk:

It's strange traveling from Denmark to Sweden and being checked for passport and drugs at the border. Whatever happened to Schengen and the Nordic Passport Union?

CW eye contact 

I like my Swedish shork

Finding an apartment would be a lot easier if most landlords didn't ban sharing an apartment between friends like what I'm trying to do.

The good news is that they legally can't stop it once a contract is signed but ugh

Why must it be so difficult to find an apartment in Copenhagen? It's like all the apartments in that entire region within our budget are in the two specific areas that I want to avoid.

This photo was taken moments before I was grabbed and clawed by a small demon

My trade union hasn't called me in two years. I wonder how much they were paid by the Danish military to personally invite me to a webinar about career opportunities for engineers.


Apparently I leak breast milk now. HRT is weird.

Here's some photos I took in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) this Wednesday.

These are actually the first photos I've ever taken in manual mode on a good camera :blobcatCamera:

Met up with a friend in Copenhagen yesterday. They took this photo of me.

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Just follow these simple rules and you might not get killed walking to the store. #fuckcars

I find it amusing that I can have meaningful online conversations in Norwegian with just some help from a dictionary. I've practiced for a little over a month.

Verbal conversations are a different story though. Especially since dialects are a thing.

I think it's wild that half a year ago I was single and very lonely. Now I have 3 girlfriends and a date with a very close friend. This is quite a change.

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