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My psychologist at the gender clinic in Odense wrote in my journal that I primarily receive during anal sex. Which is interesting because I have never said that, nor even tried it.

I actually told him that transfems don't have sex like cis gay men, but I guess I've now been diagnosed as BOTTOM :blobcatRollingEyes:

This guy supposedly sees trans people's gender identity as a product of their sexuality rather than the other way around. It's so weird that he just so fundamentally misunderstands transfem sexuality when he's so fixated on it.

Turns out that learning a new language is slightly more difficult when you're also trying to speak in a feminine voice.

I did actually already have a passport with my name in it, but it's very flimsy and it expires tomorrow

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Today it is 2 years since my egg cracked. Incidentally also the day I pick up my new passport.

One of my brothers seriously asked me if I had moved to Norway.

I had spent *four* (4) nights with my Norwegian girlfriends in Oslo.

Things I did tonight:
1. Went to a bar
2. Played with flamethrowers

In that order.

Me, my girlfriends, and a metamour spent almost 2 full days on this game. We had to stop two thirds of the way because we ran out of time.

It was very intense. This is the first time playing a board game as complicated as this.

The box time estimate of 4-8 hours is definitely a bit optimistic :blobcatSmileSweat:

I love my two new girlfriends. And in two days we will be joining my other girlfriend and one of my metamours in Sweden :blobcatInLove:

It's an exciting thought that by the end of the day I will have landed in Oslo where 2 affectionate girls I'm dating are waiting for me :blobcatPuffyMelt:

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I visited my metamour and she tried turning me into a fox enby

A girl that I recently started dating had a scary dream with me accompanying her and I think that's adorable

I've become a lot more adventurous since I started my transition. I'm now starting a contiguous journey within the three Scandinavian countries over 16 days. And that plan was only just dreamt up today. Having just come home from a trip yesterday.

Not to mention that i don't have a free day in my calendar for the next 30 days.

I find it interesting that I can more easily travel to Norway than two thirds of Norwegians

I started dating two Norwegian girls and now I suddenly have an urge to travel to Oslo this week. For gay purposes.

This would be a lot easier if I had a passport with my name on it :blobcatSweats:

I'm fortunate that Norway will let me enter the country from Saturday because I got vaccinated last week.

I wonder how normal it is to get randomly invited on the street to become a model. Because that's a thing that just randomly happened to me.

Got my second vaccine jab today. Surprisingly, I'm not feeling any side-effects unlike last time :blobcatOwo:

Just lost €264 worth of HRT because Postnord is incompetent. Apparently a postal worker forgot to apply a sticker and now they can't find it.

I think I'm attracting more attention for being sapphic than I am for being trans. I kissed my girlfriend on a train the other day and someone said “cute”

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cis software people are always like
"lol lets not add a way to change your username"
"lets make past username history available to anyone"
"lets make username changes into microtransactions"
"im sure it will be fine lol, who needs to change their name anyway"

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Having a picnic with 6 swedes, all but one of whom are strangers. Speaking Swedish would have been an advantage :blobcatXD:

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