I'll be forever disappointed that it was Mario + Rabbids and not Mario + Rayman :blobcatSad:

What's up fedi, just designing the ultimate brainfuck dialect

Zlib license is so good, every time I read it I'm just so happy that I chose it for my library

I guess Rust would never have allowed me to write this system. But it's so convenient! :<

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Just realised my approach to scripting entities in cutscenes is unsound because a pointer to an entity can become invalid between accesses.
The cutscenes are implemented using coroutines so they run interleaved with the main game loop. You can write a script that finds the nearest door, moves the camera far away so that the door despawns, and then tries to do something with the door. :blobcatFacepalm:

To minimise the carbon footprint of your website, you should write some code to detect if the person browsing the page is an oil exec, and make sure the page takes *extra* long to load, just for them.

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(dumb) The only thing i've done with it is prank my friend because i got the domain "from.software", which this discord embed leads to a jpeg of obama

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Always a good day when you have to solve The Door Problem

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it's illegal to look at money, since that creates an upside-down copy of the money inside the back of your eyes, and that's counterfeiting

When the robot said "buy it, use it, break it, fix it" I felt that

omg I realised I haven't had sushi for almost a year, I really miss it :(

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if your design pattern takes three sentences to name and is impossible to google it's not really a design pattern is it

it's just something you made up

Snuck out to do some secret xmas shopping. Forgot my keys. Had to call my mum so I could get back in :blobcatFacepalm:

me: I need a feature in my engine where I can prevent an entity from spawning unless a certain condition is met.

past me: *literally already implemented this*

me: oh, thanks me.

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Yaaaaaaaay, so excited for @rainwarrior he's going to be making another NES game, #AlwasAwakening is coming to a cartridge! Great day for #NESdev!


Wow Puyo Tetris 2 is really fantastic :O

The first chapter is pretty standard but then the new overworld map kicks in and adds some much needed depth to the story. It's a real breath of fresh air!

When will someone invent toast that stays hot for longer than 20 seconds?

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