Still don't know what oomfs stands for but my brain just filled it in as "object oriented motherfuckers"

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time to get a head start on my revision 2022 entry. nobody steal this idea, 100% original

I just found out that it's called a toolchain because it's literally a chain of tools that your code goes through to end up with a final executable.
Feeling extremely stupid right now xD

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"Cubic Descent"

Released in the Animated GIF compo at Revision 2021.

Hey fedi! I launched a GBA homebrew compo, very excited :blobcatNomCookie:

Kinda want to make a top down RPG that's like Zelda, but you can roll everywhere at will (if you're holding A it plays like a marble game / Fish from Nuclear Throne, otherwise you just walk around).
It seems really obvious, has anyone done something like this before?

There were a bunch of shenanigans but the most interesting one was "The Debt Collector" who would Collect members at random and put them in the vault where they could only talk to other people who had been Collected.

The roguelikes discord is pretty huge and usually people stay in their preferred channels, so this was a fun way to get people together who usually wouldn't interact

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Cannot get over how good the Roguelikes discord April fools was. Was so much fun to be a part of lol

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The NES game I'm working on is having a public beta test. Maybe you'd like to try out a demo of a new NES game?

It's called Alwa's Awakening.

Me: bro can i have an hourglass for christmas?

Bro: for productivity?

Me: yeeeeeeees

*actually uses it for decoration, like a boss*

The Game Boy Advance was released in Japan 20 years ago today!

To celebrate, we put together a trailer for the GBA game that we've been working on! :blobcatEnjoy:

Ever since I tuned into @rainwarrior and @JordiGH streaming Battletoads, I haven't been able to get this NES tune out of my head - I never knew the reference until now!

Weird that I had a dream about catholicism, I wake up and the pope is in the news for being homophobic. What does it all mean? :blobcatThinking:

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I went and ported over the start of some Wario's Woods code I already started on when I was going to try and do it on PC. Now I've just gotta implement carrying and matching and so on.

It's still really cool and motivating to see my work on an actual GBA SP too! For whatever reason pixel art seems to look a lot better to me on a screen where art pixels are directly screen pixels too.

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Stack Exchange "Hot Network Questions" are fatal...

Surefire way to get lost in a rabbit hole of interesting facts and tidbits, completely forgetting what you were even searching for in the first place.

Possibly one the most ADHD-unfriendly features of any informational site.

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My Game Boy Advance SP arrived! It feels comfortable enough and the screen is in good condition. I feel even more motivated to do GBA dev now.

Wishing whoever phoned me an hour before I'd normally wake up on Monday morning a very Die

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