Uh oh this is serious, I'm going through another dubstep phase, send help

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probably one of the original controversies was between the fish who evolved nostrils and the fish who evolved legs

Getting into Skrillex like 10 years late, don't mind me :blobcatHeadphones:

Love to download my online banking app from dodgy APK sites just because I chose not to have google crap on my phone. :blobcatUnamused:

Just remembered Spelunky HD and 2 are both coming out on Switch this year :blobcatEyes:

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Announcing the result of a weekend's worth of hacking: gbsenpai, a new project to port GB Studio's player engine to more platforms. First up - the GBA!


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working on a stretchy skeletal animation system that works with super low-res sprites for our fighting game!!!!

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Discovered that GCC has a fixed point extension that makes them almost as easy to use as floats. But it uses a sign bit instead of two's complement.
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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google: hey look at this nonfree x86-only blob for DRM
w3c: great ! let's standardize it
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New firefox UI absolutely sucks, but for now you can get the old style back by setting browser.proton.enabled = true in about:config

"Siezed by Andrew Lee" Any%

You must use a freshly installed IRC client (with no persisted settings)
Time starts the moment you launch the client.
You must create a new channel.
The channel must be forcefully taken from you by freenode staff.

Time ends when you see this message:
> freenodecom (~com@freenode/staff) has left <your channel name>

Every hotel room contains an essay about how you can do your bit to save the environment by... hanging up your towels to signal to the staff not to replace them with fresh ones...
It seems like such a weirdly arbitrary thing to focus on, yet every single hotel does it throughout the whole of Europe. :blobcatThinking:

Speedcore be like:


Every week I discover a new way in which the collision code in my game is very subtly broken. All these slightly wrong calculations were cancelling each other out to produce seemingly correct behavior, and attempting to fix them has turned into a game of whack-a-mole. It's painful but kind of amusing :blobcatUpsideDown:

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