tried to fix that headphone wire. i didn't solder it, i just twisted the parts together to see if it would work. it didn't, so either that's not good enough of a join or there is another break somewhere in the wire. i don't have a multimeter to test with and the cable is eight feet so i'm not about to start guessing where a second break might be.

i'm just going to put these aside for a while. maybe just get some other headphones for work and use these as a backup if i ever fix them.


i didn't see any fat squirrel from new glarus last fall. it was sad because fat squirrel is quite possibly their best. but they made some this year and I got two sixes, one for me and one for my brother next time i visit.

i just finished a bottle of that nutty, roasty delight and am now chilling to a jandek album. it is a good sunday.

the break is right up by the earpiece. maybe making a new solder to the earpiece would be better than splicing.

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splicing a headphone cable: worth using solder or should i just twist and tape?

and have i even seen the dawn? i don't remember. man.

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getting an urge to watch hellsing ultimate again. i've seen the first half many times but rest i've only seen once or twice. i don't think i've seen the dub of the last two episodes yet. it would be nice to marathon again.

haven't played ror2 in over a month. i see that at some point they changed the final boss to be invulnerable while stealing the items. he is now impossible.

this week i have been addicted to The Bible 2 by AJJ. Small Red Boy is electric.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari with a score by post-rock band Toundra, recorded just this year. i've never heard of them but they did a pretty nice job i think.

today's sluggy freelance is nice. just torg and bun-bun talking about serious shit while bun-bun is sitting in torg's hood.

ah yes the apartment is now at that wonderful winter temperature where my extremities are always cold but my underarms are always sweating. i love this time of year.

you know those ladies' shirts that have long sleeves but holes over the shoulders? I need one of those where the holes are under the arms instead. do they make those?


things could be different
but they're not

The Devil and Daniel Johnston 

they even did closeups of his mouth while they're drilling the tooth what the hell guys seriously this is not what i signed up for.

great movie otherwise though.

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The Devil and Daniel Johnston 

who decided that Gibby Haynes should be interviewed while getting dental work done? and the dentist is just going about his business like this is all perfectly normal.

this is too ridiculous for me to take. i have to pause the film for a few minutes to collect myself.

more SOS tool descriptions 

hoe: What is the sound of one hoe tilling?

watering can: When you gaze long enough into the can, the can gazes back into you.

sickle: Symbolizes the ephemeral nature of all things, especially the things you cut with.

axe: If a tree falls in the middle of the woods, does it drop any lumber?

hammer: The ultimate in applied knowledge. Excelsior!

milker: Transports you halfway to the land of milk and honey.

clippers: Dazzle animals everywhere with your shear brilliance.

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the highest tool quality in story of seasons is "philosopher." i never bothered to read the descriptions on the tool blueprints, but i just noticed the philosopher ones are pretty clever.

like the brush: "Brushes away dirt, fleas and shared societal delusions."

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