on deltarune chapter 2. this is nice. i am enjoying.


i remember you well in the chelsea hotel. you were famous, your heart was a legend. you told me again you preferred handsome men, but for me you would make an exception.

and clenching your fist for the ones like us who are oppressed by figures of beauty, you fixed yourself, you said "well, never mind, we are ugly but we have the music."

too fucking real.

i say the same thing about dunbar from catch-22 by the way.


for science, i am now cooking black beans that haven't been soaked.

i didn't think this was possible, but people say it's okay to do? we'll find out, for science. (and for dinner, so i hope it works or i'll be eating from cans all week.)

tenpai for a dealer yakuman and some doofus wins a shit hand and you never gain points for the rest of the game.

i got some zip ties to try and fasten that loose underbody panel. it went on pretty easy and holds nice.

while i was down there i looked at the adjacent panel. it is also zip tied on the equivalent hole. maybe it was supposed to be zip tied all along?

the past tense of "hang gliding" is "hung glid"

longish story about nothing 

you know that berenstain/berenstein bears conspiracy theory? i'm experiencing something similar tonight but for real.

around 12 years ago i was in college and listening to a lot of Josh Woodward because his music is nice and calming and free. i still have those files i downloaded at the time.

tonight i was listening to his first album again and noticed that one of the tracks seems a bit glitched. it's exactly 4 minutes long, but the last 30 seconds are silent except for a brief moment at the very end which sounds like a distorted clip of the first chord for the following track.

it's been a long time so i don't remember if that was always there or if the file got corrupted at some point. i went to his website and checked the song there and it's shorter by around 10 seconds. still has 20 seconds of silence at the end but no glitch sound.

but then i listened to the whole file and found that two lines of the lyrics are different! the music sounds otherwise the same. i looked it up on archive.org and that has the "new" version too.

did he just swap with a new take and not note it anywhere? or are my hard drive and i from a different timeline where the lyrics were different? at least the new lyric is better.

thanks for reading my true story. i didn't make it up.

and now, without thinking, i drained my spaghetti in that same sink. i now see that it was foolish to be concerned about the cold when the heat was a much more immediate danger.

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i made lentils on sunday. one fell in the sink strainer while i was rinsing them and i forgot about it and now it's sprouted. little plant baby in the sink.

i'd consider planting it outside if we weren't a month away from the frosts.


sometime last year i got a few cans of a local brewer's one-time-only-special bourbon barrel aged stout. it was nice.

today i noticed i still had a can so i opened it up and i'm not sure if it's still good. it tastes maybe a little weird but i don't remember if that's how it was supposed to be. it's not BAD, just i dunno.

so i'm just going to keep sipping it here until i make up my mind on it. if i get all the way through, we'll say it's good.

and if i'm dead in the morning, you know what did it.

a week or so ago the everdrive gb cried that the battery was dead and wiped my save. it started working again right after but i lost a couple weeks of progress.

today it is crying again. guess i just have to get a new battery. the cart is only six months old so unless they shipped an old battery these things don't last long at all.

at least i was more cautious this time so i only lost a day of progress.

i have a bag of banana chips. they're like dried slices of banana. do they have these in britain? are they called banann chips or banana crisps?

they're not thin like what they call potato crisps, but they're also not big wedges like chips.

love when the car underbody gets rusty and the screws start popping out and panels flop around. this is why i have a car, to deal with that shit.

time for more duct tape.

eva 4.0 

"Could it be that Shinji's true synchronization wasn't zero, but the closest value to zero?"

"Yes, his sync rate is... infinite."

ah. that's how that works. i see. very good. makes perfect sense.

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since it's 2.5 hours and i might not otherwise have time for it until next weekend, i guess i gotta do it today.

here we go, evangelion 5.5 minus 1.49, thrice times is the charm.

eva 3.33 

the story so far:

everyone: shinji get in the eva we need you.

shinji: no i won't do it ever again because bad stuff always happens.

[shinji gets in the eva anyway; bad stuff happens]

everyone: hm yeah you should definitely never pilot an eva again. try to avoid doing that.

shinji: i'm going to get in the eva guys but don't worry it'll be different this time.

[shinji gets in the eva; it's not different]

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