i will never understand touchscreens. do some people just not make fingerprints?


good news: very slowly got some food down and drank a can of soda water, and things are starting to feel a bit better now. not normal, but good enough to function.

guess it was just yet another headache punishing me for not eating and/or drinking enough over the weekend. i've been doing better with that; this might be my first one this year (not counting one hangover, which is a similar punishment for a very different crime). still not perfect though.

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health, a little gross 

had a headache all day at work today. ten minutes before i was set to leave the nausea came on fast and hard. went to the toilets and they were all in use, as usual.

ended up puking a bit in mouth a couple times and swallowing it while waiting for one to open. when it did, i walked in and didn't feel sick anymore. thanks.

this is the first time i've had to vomit at work. always wondered when it would happen. it was only a matter of time.

today i took a walk on a nearby trail and there was a guy with a dog and usually when this happens i keep my distance but the trail was narrow and there was nowhere to go so i walked right by them.

and then i petted the dog. i petted a dog today.

i've never made much effort to see a lunar eclipse but maybe tonight if i'm still awake i will. hopefully won't be hidden behind trees and/or clouds.

today, still +27s. does this mean it's going to start slowing down again? is this watch doing this on purpose?

time... will tell.

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the outer monologue of a wise human:

cough cough cough cough cough

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the inner monologue of a wise human:

this pepper spray expired five years ago. does it still spray? let's test it in the toilet so we can safely flush the juice away. okay it works. let's uh turn the fan on.

yes i just turned backwards into to separate words. don't worry about it.

currently +27s. gained 25s in the past day? i don't know how it's going to work itself back wards from this, but if it does i won't complain.

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religious money shit 

a copy of dave ramsey's financial peace university is sitting in my building's laundry room for some reason. i feel bad for whoever was conned into buying that shit.

my parents were conned into buying that shit around 9 years ago. i went with them to the classes for a few weeks. it very quickly was exposed as bullshit when his first step was to get a $1k emergency fund. his reasoning was "raise your hand if you would be able to find $1k somewhere to save your child's life? wow look at all those hands, see everyone can get $1k! now do that and put it in an envelope for an emergency!"

not bothering to ask how many of those people would be willing to pawn everything they own or take a predatory loan to save their child's life, but obviously that would be a terrible idea if you're just going to keep the cash for a hypothetical emergency.

i just learned that in 2020 he criticized the covid stimulus checks saying that if $1400 is enough to make a difference then you're already screwed. so that's what he thinks about his baby steps apparently. fuck this guy.

you know how you get out of big debt? you make a financial peace university program and sell it to middle class evangelical churches.

fuck these bougie shits with their industrial-sized riding lawnmowers on their tiny fucking lawns that can be mown with a push mower in 20 minutes

i think i just hit the point in darwinia where i've stopped on past attempts, where you get the armor and have to kill a bunch of ants. i remember that being a huge pain and the armors being almost useless, but this time it was fine.

update: over the past week, the watch has drifted back and forth a bit, but on average it's pretty damn close. this is the first week i haven't had to set the minute at all, and it's currently sitting at +2s.

probably depends on posture and movement, so we'll see how it does over time. for now though it seems like i've nailed it, especially considering that i don't have a timegrapher.

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when you look inside, all you'll see is a self-reflected inner sadness

look outside, i know that you'll recognize it's summertime

four eps into paranoia agent.

such twists and turns, i wonder what will become of our hero, creepy bat boy.

so i guess last week was all of spring. time to fill the ice tray.

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