who knew bilding a dream couldst be so laborious?!?

hell yes, mom found my copy of beanworld vol 3

been waiting for that to turn up for years

Who has never killed an hour? Not casually or without thought, but carefully; a premeditated murder of minutes.

dynazenon wasn't bad. not particularly good either, but not bad. i've enjoyed worse.

booze and snakc 

last week when i was wrecking myself with the last imperial stout in my fridge, one of the things that latched into my brain was corn chips. i just really wanted some fucking corn chips, you know? but i didn't have any so i did some saltines instead.

well this week i'm doing a dark lager and i got some corn chips.

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ExtracT The Masculine Germ From Remote Memory

now the sunburn is developing. if i knew i'd be outside for two hours i would have used sunscreen. :/

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went on a bike ride, took an experimental turn, lost my sense of direction, ended up biking through the next town over before figuring out what direction i was heading and turning around.

usually my morning rides are around 45 minutes. this one was 2 hours. and since i wasn't expecting it i didn't prepare by eating a big breakfast or taking some food with, so by the time i got back i was hungry and my legs were jellied.

but damn, couldn't have picked a better day for that adventure. beautiful weather.

today i cut a guy off because i was in the intersection waiting to turn left and the light was yellow and he was gunning for it and he honked his little horn at me and i regret nothing.

you know things are getting real when the conductor's sweat starts covering his glasses and he just throws them onto his stand and plows on.

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first community band performance. it went relatively well? i think?

only one really dicey bit that may or may not have entirely been my fault, i still don't quite understand what was going on there, the guy was waving his stick around and i was beating my drum and hey we somehow all ended up in the right place. so hey.

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breaking news: windows 12 will go back to square corners again

i'm starting to wonder if maybe the time travelers did in fact attend Stephen Hawking's time travel party, but Hawking pretended like they didn't because he didn't want anyone else to know the truth.

community band, my main form of social interaction outside work, started back up today. feels nice.

makes me think i should maybe try harder to make a friend around here, but that's still a bit too much work.

and it, uh, seems to be working?

what do your riddles mean, past me? i believe you, i just.

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