i'm two dungeons into a link between worlds.

i must have read about the wall-merging thing and forgot about it. when they have you walk along the wall outside the first dungeon i cackled with glee. this is looking to be a good one.

i just watched the first hellsing ultimate again

this series is ridiculous and i love it

watching some tmbg dial-a-songs again and holy cow this video right here


social phobia 

in other news today i interacted with friendly and understanding strangers on the internet for five minutes and two hours later i'm still working out the nervous energy.

i have legitimate complaints about the discord platform but i should try to remember that this is independent of them.

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my brother finally convinced me to join the blaseball discord. i have been resisting because i do not like discord.

now that i am in a channel with more than two other people i like it even less. why do people use this?

what i care about is music, and the communists have the music

am i a frog
or am i a fraction
if i'm a fraction
then i'm a very froggy fraction

am i a fraction
or am i a frog
if i'm a frog that makes me
a fraction of a frog

tried to fix that headphone wire. i didn't solder it, i just twisted the parts together to see if it would work. it didn't, so either that's not good enough of a join or there is another break somewhere in the wire. i don't have a multimeter to test with and the cable is eight feet so i'm not about to start guessing where a second break might be.

i'm just going to put these aside for a while. maybe just get some other headphones for work and use these as a backup if i ever fix them.


i didn't see any fat squirrel from new glarus last fall. it was sad because fat squirrel is quite possibly their best. but they made some this year and I got two sixes, one for me and one for my brother next time i visit.

i just finished a bottle of that nutty, roasty delight and am now chilling to a jandek album. it is a good sunday.

the break is right up by the earpiece. maybe making a new solder to the earpiece would be better than splicing.

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splicing a headphone cable: worth using solder or should i just twist and tape?

and have i even seen the dawn? i don't remember. man.

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getting an urge to watch hellsing ultimate again. i've seen the first half many times but rest i've only seen once or twice. i don't think i've seen the dub of the last two episodes yet. it would be nice to marathon again.

haven't played ror2 in over a month. i see that at some point they changed the final boss to be invulnerable while stealing the items. he is now impossible.

this week i have been addicted to The Bible 2 by AJJ. Small Red Boy is electric.

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari with a score by post-rock band Toundra, recorded just this year. i've never heard of them but they did a pretty nice job i think.


today's sluggy freelance is nice. just torg and bun-bun talking about serious shit while bun-bun is sitting in torg's hood.

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