keyboard rants 

the new leg brackets arrived. the keyboard is as easy to work on as advertised. it's a pity that all the parts are custom tooled though. i don't know what i'll do if the brackets strip again. just have to be super gentle on the screws and hope it never happens.

saw a few particles of dust inside but not as much as i expected after two years of taking to and from work. maybe that was the cause of the chatter but i dunno. it could just be black magic. still haven't seen any issues after they had me swap two switches.


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seriously what are the physics of bread slicing? every damn slice ends up paper thin at the bottom. does the bottom of the bread even exist? it has to go somewhere.

in other news i just learned about the shaggs. instant love.

not their dad though. he sounds like an asshole.


me: can we maybe just move out the deadline? it's completely arbitrary and doesn't reflect actual business need in any way.

them: of course not. are you done yet?

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hey crlf remember a year ago when we put you on that project temporarily because it was falling behind and we wanted you to help catch it up, but in the end you spent half the year working on things that weren't even part of the project until after you were put on it?

well we're putting you back on that project because now we're even further behind. we don't know what exactly you'll be working on, but you should get started on it now because the deadline is in a month. have fun.

why is he called meta knight? is he beyond knight? abstract knight? he seems like a pretty tangible guy to me.

breaking news: i am not good at slicing bread straight.

more at 11.

looking at mayday games for some card sleeves and noticed they have a tarot size. standard thickness come in packs of 100. premium come in packs of 75.

a full tarot deck is 78 cards. something something hot dog buns.


finishing that bottle of mulled wine from christmas.

so warm inside.

fun fact: billy mayes has a sister, annie. her eyes are huge.


i was originally going to make a shitpost like "if god was such a great creator he would have given us spare hearts and livers like he did for kidneys and lungs, and everything would be standardized and replaceable," but then i realized:

god may be a great creator, but he's also the inventor of planned obsolescence.

tall figures leaning over me in bed and staring at my face.

good thing it was only a dream. i hope.

google captcha just asked me to identify the bicycles in a photo of a motorcycle.

here we go with today's number. ten balls. each ball has a number. numbers 1 through 10. swirl the numbers. pick a number. today's number is:

keyboard rants 

over two weeks later and still no chatter. i suggested that maybe it really is just dust after all. they said it's hard to tell and they're going to send the replacement parts now for the legs and we can keep an eye on the chatter.

so if/when it gets worse again we can find out if cleaning actually does help and if it doesn't then they'll just send new stuff, maybe a whole keyboard. warranty deadline isn't important at this point because i already asked for help before it expired.

so yeah i'd say their support is pretty nice so far. best support would maybe have already just said fuck it and replaced the whole board, but i'm okay with playing it slow as long as they don't try to get out of it later.


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when an absentminded card flourish suddenly turns into a game of 54 pickup

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