trombones are not related to french horns (they're just friends)

golden sun 

totally forgot how you first get on the track to the mercury lighthouse when you beat trent the tree and he says "well shit, i'd love to save all those people i turned into trees but i'm just too weak, i'm dying, going to be dead any minute now."

and then he just hangs out on the brink of death long enough for you to walk all the way to a different climate zone, solve the puzzles of the lighthouse, and come back with a bottle of holy water for him.

this game is ridiculous and i love it.

been a while since i played gba with headphones in, probably not since before i had decent headphones.

the music sounds nice, and there's a noticeable hum but it's not too annoying, kind of like a bagpipe drone.

i just spent around 90 minutes arguing with my brother about norm pattis's hairstyle. i'm not elaborating.

today at work i had a strange computer issue. my mouse cursor stopped interacting with objects reliably. it still moved around normally, but it wouldn't change shape for different contexts like the text bar or the pointy finger, and buttons and things wouldn't highlight when hovering over them. it seemed like a soft-freeze, so i restarted the computer, but it was still happening.

to fix it, i unplugged and replugged my mouse. i do not understand.


i should do them again

how is there not a barbecue cookbook titled "the grillmoire"? is this world even worth living in?

domestic dogs have a much wider size range than domestic cats. is there any reason we can't have house cats as big as mastiffs, or do people just realize that might be a terrible idea?

i completely forgot to check on chainsaw man earlier this week. this chapter is fantastic.

today we played two rounds of riichi. both games ended with me having yakitori and going negative in south 4. i had gotten tenpai for limit hands at least five times.

god is real, and he hates us.

"keep quiet" by the protomen, a summary 

hey, are you that assassin robot people are so afraid of? i'm not a coward like them. you can't scare me just by skulking around. let's go.

oh. yeah they were right all along. well, shit.

i hate looking at computer parts. there's never a good time to buy computer parts. just don't do it.

time is going slow tonight. not complaining.

today i listened to picaresque for the first time in a while. kinda forgot how nice it is.

in any case i am glad that it doesn't linger long.

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a neighbor is smoking some skunky stuff outside and the scent is coming in through the window and i can't decide whether i hate it.

this is how you prove to be a normal and not creepy person, by standing off to the side and watching in silence as they walk by.

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