Hi, I'm looking for a floss keyboard app on android that supports swyping
I'm tired of the (not floss) app I'm currently using, but i can't find anything in floss

@bunni I'd be interested too, if you can find one. Doesn't seem like the ones on F-Droid support swiping.

@bunni It looks like FlorisBoard is looking to implement swyping/glide typing soon, as per their feature roadmap.

If you are able to find one in the meantime, then I'd love to know!

@PastelDoe owo this looks rad! I've looked at the screenshots and roadmap and it looks comfy! I'm installing it right now, thank you! Hope they'll implement it soonish

@bunni You're welcome! I'm hoping it's implemented soon as well, because I used to use glide typing for pretty much everything and I miss it dearly.

@PastelDoe OMG you can go left and right on text by gliding left/right on spacebar?? That's so cool!

Anysoftkeyboard has had swipe-typing for quite some time now. See "Enable gesture-typing [BETA]" in the Gestures setting page.

Though I'll be real: looking forward to when florisboard adds support for this.

@bunni @zachdecook those are language packs, maybe look for one with nothing else

@jeder @zachdecook there is none
Other than stuff like hacker's keyboard, but idk why they show up

@zachdecook thanks. Sadly I can't configure dictionaries, I'm restricted to the default one per layout :/

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