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:blobcat3cSmirk: is my kappa: if it's in my post, you know I'm actually not thinking what I say

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Let me make this clear.
If you're alt-right, you can either block me, or show me proof when I'm wrong.
I'll try to make this a rule now (let's hope I follow it), if I am quoted in an alt-right post without proof I'm blocking.

> The Thunderbird team loves open source and open standards. That’s why you’ll find out-of-box support for the popular, decentralized chat protocol Matrix in Thunderbird 102. Matrix provides secure messaging, VOIP, and data transfer capabilities and is rapidly expanding its feature-set.

steam deck dpad is bad
same bad as xbox 360 controller: it hurts my thumb when playing a game (I tried with nidhogg)

People talking about the language in which they receive ads
Meanwhile I don't get ads :blobcatThinkingSunglass:

not sure if I want to download ffxiv or genshin first...
I said I'd do ffxiv first, but I changed my mind...

So now I can get MBA to run smoothly, I just need to figure out how to get textures to render and I'll be able to have fun :bun:

which is your favourite?

I have YMCA stuck in my head
please send help

I hate websites that allow you to register with a password that you can't login with
it happens to many times these days...

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