With that said, I'm feeling good now and I can go to sleep!


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Thanks random guy!
It was a great journey!

We drew hearts in the snow before reaching the end. It was nice :blobcatHeartHug:

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Found no one to play with me :(
I'll do a quick speed run of the game and then go to bed with my soul refreshed from this

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I really love Polka, she's doing so much random stuff, you can't say for sure what she'll do next, and she's always able to amaze me with her randomness

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I just watched Polka singing the same song for 2 hours straight. I think that this comment under the video is a good way to explain what I just experienced.
I need more

Uh... Pekora is the 4th most watched female streamer of 2020.
I'm really happy for her, she deserves every single view she has

I should stop clicking on random japanese video recommended out of nowhere, and stop reading comment on them...

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Once again, youtube-kun is doxxing Vtuber identity...

My new home is getting quite good now.
It'll be soon ready.
Next week we will be able to turn on the boiler, so the house will be warm :blobcatMelt:
My office is about to get ready too. In less than a month everything will be ready.

I can't wait

there is a guy on twitch with 2.3m viewers.

I put my mother on Signal few month ago, and now they are talking about it on TV with the whatsapp stuff. She's thinking I'm some kind of diviner or something

I wanted to look for a jp instance on fedi to practice japanese, but I'm too busy at work to do anything...

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