Ina'nis seems to be more fluent in Japanese than English. That's fun to watch!

I wanna watch a some series about space...
I finished Star trek Discovery, Lost in Space, Nightflyers... Any recommandation ?

For this season of Path of Building I'll start with a Saboteur Glacial cascade miner.

It'll be fun!

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Next time I catch a Sharpedo on Pokemon, I know how I am going to call it...


Gura is trying to DDOS youtube with superchat requests

Garu chat is goings crazy 5 min before the start. I think this "a" will stay in the history...


Gura is live in 3h30 :blobcatNotLikeThis:

Should I wait for her instead of sleeping ?

It can now reach the level 999 999 999


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Gawr Gura from Hololive EN... New waifu material

I just visit the house I talked about.
Spent one and half hour checking everything, taking mesures and stuff.

I signed for it. I'll be the owner of this house in less that 3 months now!

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A cool community, I guess.