Just noticed Gura is about to get 1st place in hololive sub count.
Nearly 1m subs in a month. That's quite crazy tbh

Gura is doing a member only stream where we will watch Ghostbuster (the 198x version) in an hour
Can't wait :blobcatReach:

I have a work meeting in less than hour. But my company is still completely stuck with the issue I talked about monday...
So right now the meeting will looks like this : "hello yes I was planning to werk on it, but everything is down. No I can't check this information everything is down. No I can't do this modification, everything is down. No I didn't get your email, everything is down"


Moona is adapting quite well to hololive I see I see..

Fubuki playing among the sleep while speaking with only baby noises.
Tbh it looks like a real baby...

Werk server are still now back online. Me gonna watch anime all day!

Finally got the price of all the work I'll have to pay on my future house.
I have a bit less than 30k€ to pay for everything. which is really lower than what I expected. It'll leave some money to buy stuff and improve QoL

I should have stay in bed. I have nothing to work on :o

Ah! I got dumped from the VPN :blobcatDerpy:
Welp, guess I'll play

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Due to a huge issue on my company servers, everything is frozen.
I can't access to my mail box, and can't use any of the DB on the servers.
WELP! I guess I'll have a slow day!

Hmmm This doesn't seems to werk...
Maybe it's not high enough ?

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I think this is high enough...
I'll build the first floor and climb a bit more after finishing it to make a mob farm

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Got my hand on some soul sand and magma blocks... Time to build a huge tower and use water + those blocks as elevator !

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A cool community, I guess.