Date with my friends on VRChat, I completely messed up my photo with her. I'm upset :blobcatHmpf:

test completed. Avatar uploaded and Quest ready... Never let those quest user down

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Got my hand on a new outfit for my character or VRChat. There is some flaws again, but it seems not to be an issue for now... I kind like the way she looks in it!

The avatar is already decent to use. I'm still dissatisfied with a lot of things here and there. But I'm not ashamed to show it. I already messed a bit with it to vent some stress.
This avatar is like 25cm high, and the staff is... well 3 meters long... Something like that!

Once the dynamic bones are set, I can say that the v1 of the avatar will be ready. It'll contain all the primordial stuff I would love to have on it. After that it's just adding new colors, adding new props...

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Finished fixing the animation. I used a unity package premade with a lot of useful tools that let me choose different animation based on if I'm on VR or on Desktop.
This + a better understanding on how animations works fixed the issue.

Now I think that all the obvious/painless bugfixes are done.
Time to dig with all the dynamic bones and mess with my avatar on blender to fix some flaws I spotted in the structure of the avatar.

Hopefully it won't break the whole thing

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Trying to change the laying down animation of my avatar. It looks okay on unity, but it's a bit different on VRChat...
I need to change some settings ;(

Time to sleep now. I spent so much time on this without even realizing it...

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after nearly 3 hours, I managed to add her vest into the game.
It was a hell of a work for me to discorver everything. I have to thanks a friend for that, he called me and helped me with a speed tutorial that saved me nearly a day. (Without him I would have to find my own way into this mess)

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T-posing her way out of unity.

The premade package was not as good as expected, I have some work to do for it to work as like it should have worked. But nothing terrifying.

The bad part will be when I want to add and edit some other stuff

I bought an avatar model for VRChat. Time for me to remove the dust on Unity and work on it to make it my own with more customizations

Yup I think it needs a restart, and maybe an apt update/upgrade too...
Didn't update it since june :blobcatDerpy:

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