Also while I was away, there was 10 covid case in the office. Glad I'm up for remote work

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Back to work, already 2 meeting scheduled for today. Yup.

Any of you knows a way to have a dynamic keyboard layout that automatically switch based on the active windows ?
As an azerty keyboard user, some games aren't compatible to it, and I need to switch to qwerty to play. But everytime I go back to talk to someone I need to re-switch to azerty and back to qwerty to play again...

Added some little hint of my favorite vtuber on my vrchat avatar...

Just watched no game no life zero.
I've been able to read most of the movie as a light novel, but the movie was something else.
I really enjoyed it!

2 days left before my holidays... end of year crunch at work is killing me

Merry Christmas everyone!
Managed to do the party since all my tests were negatives. Had some fun but now time to sleep and rest

Well fuck.
One of the guy I met at work has covid. Guess that's how my Christmas party end eh.

I hate this, I asked my boss to stop my mandatory 1 day at work per week until the end of the month. And it was denied. Guess I have to remote work now ? But with the punishments of not being able to do Christmas party as a bonus.

I hate this job and how they handle this pandemy

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I just did an All Green yakuman on Mahjong soul...
I'm so happy that was one of the yakumen I wanted to do the most!!
I can now sleep happy!

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