so i couldn't really sleep last night and i was going thru funne gamer clips and i came across my friend's channel, and i did not realize that she had a youtube channel, and so i subscribed.

now i hadn't talked to her in like a 2 years and when i subscribed all she did was send me a screenshot of the notification she got and has not responded since

and like yeah that's fair

i didn't realize i wrote among us like that, i'm very tired

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if you look at your thumb nail then it's just anomg uus

I'm hungry but also really sleepy

idk if I wanna get up or sleep for another 4 hours

Carly Rae Jepson did not need to go that hard on the Lalala remix but she did

i didn't intend to post a bunch of apex posts on my alt but it happened

i'll probably get it anyway cuz i love diamond and pearl but the remakes look like dogshit

paramount is rebooting rugrats.... I'm angry......

xbox won't let me sign into it so i can get the screenshot from my win :blobcatSad:

apex legends? more like third party legends

haha nice.

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