Fix your labor shortage with this one weird trick

Web 23 169 177 you know what鈥檇 work even better? putting the rich on the menu

@Rasp Weird, its almost like you dont even need minimum wage and the free market will fix the problem for you. Who would'a thunk, not this capitalist.

@Rasp there is something strange thsat happens today...

@Rasp what happened to the restaurant's prices and volume? profit margins on restaurants are pretty thin even outside of pandemic times

@sneak well if they cant fill orders because they're short handed and burning out the few staff they have left they might not have a restaurant at all.

It's better than multiple people a day screaming that McDonald's took 30 minutes to make your big ass order, when the kitchen is understaffed and the manager is pissed she's having to keep the place going.

@parisc @Rasp everyone in the scene you describe opted in to being there

@Rasp step 1: kill thousands of people
step 2: price of labor goes up

@Rasp as a capitalist this sounds like nonsense to me i think we should instead pay less to motivate people to work harder

@Rasp please tell me that every comment on the article simply says "no shit, sherlock"

@Rasp apparently other restaurant chains hate market economy 馃し (when it doesn't benefit them)

@Rasp waaaah, but how do I force the entitled pesants to give me their labor WITHOUT doing that?

@Rasp as capitalism is transformed into some sort of neo-feudalism, basic capitalism begins to sound almost left wing

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