does anyone have any idea why right clicking icons on my windows task bar causes explorer to throw a fit crash and reload?

(I don't know the differences or care but I'm sure some people around here do.)

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I hate windows every time I left click on the task bar it crashes and resets

I love how they are trying desperately to try and make it seem different from a convection oven.

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I'm watching this video trying to 'explore the mysteries' of air frying

Bitch its a tiny oven with a fan inside it.

I'm back on pangya debug if anyone wants to hit some balls.

Huh my PC really seems to have issues with 'fast reboot'

having to load windows deployment services back on my server *hiss*

I might need to reinstall windows 10. it's not what I want but it might leave me no choice.

My bank decided to misgender me in their apology for misgendering me.

Fail masterclass.


People are passing this around on Twitter like it's surprising. Like they thought a jar of breakfast frosting was gonna be full of fiber and tofu or some shit

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