Welp now to kill time until they get back to me.

I should probably download the game.

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These genshin impact starter accounts are a total scam....

but fuck it this will be hilarious.

I'll buy one with klee and see what I get why not?

you cant buy just one box to see if you like it no it comes in a four pack.

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they are charging $9.25 for these boxes of cereal.

No not as a set that's $9.25 EACH.

Being a business major either means you're an asshole or for enough money - willing to pretend.

"What has upset her?'

Ah, Apologies

Joyful face. Joyful Canine.

Apologies. No upset.

A liquid substance inside a flame. Why?
A liquid substance inside a flame. Why?
I am unable to comprehend this situation.

Cleared out my work email feels good to have a fresh start

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