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I write music from time to time.

This one is called "Dissonanze"

It can be downloaded in lossless format from my

If you happen to like it and want to share your impressions or suggestions with me, please do so here! Thank you.

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A video of "Irisviel" is on youtube:

Here is it, in low-res.

The song is on Bandcamp, at

A post on my tells more about my piece, Irisviel von Einzbern, and a little about homunculi and preformationism:

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This is my latest work. It's called "Irisviel", and it's my homage to Irisviel von Einzbern from Fate / Zero.

You can read more about it here:

(c) Eidon. All rights reserved/

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This is the video of "Per Tiziana"

It is made of eight pictures that I took in Brussels and Veltem, Belgium. The pictures are merged together with ImageMagick, piloted by txt2srt -- the minimalistic video processing tool at

As mentioned already, the track is part of my second album:

More info about this piece is available on my blog:

I hope you'll enjoy both music and video!

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This is such a beautiful cover, it makes me want to buy this book.

(It just won a translation prize, English title is "Temple Alley Summer")

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Universities should not award grades. They should provide the students with education and with assessments to allow them to judge the progress of their learning.
If companies wants grades, companies should do the ranking as part of their hiring process.

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Poem for Roy Batty
Kona Macphee

Whenever neon trickles down
to meet a city drain,
I think of you on some wet roof,
a cobbled son of men –

the thorned corona of your hair
that crowns a failing sun,
the closing lotus of your hand,
its nail to pin the flown;

and when the blue sky beckons through
a fissure in the rain,
you haunt the hurt leak of my pulse –
beat gone, beat gone, beat gone.

from What Long Miles (Tarset: Bloodaxe, 2013)

#poetry #poem

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@amaral @Eidon Hi Cmdr, Eidon, I've now read the new chapter in Solanin, ask me anything ^_^

You can read it here in translation

But there is a kind of interlude, very intriguing, between #28 and #29, which I've not been able to find on line.
It's called "Haru yo koi", translated as "Awaiting Spring"
It's stand-alone, so there aren't really spoilers if I talk about it here. There are some interesting points about that story.

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Plz help me get meds, physio & groceries? 

Hi, fedi! :blobcatpeek:

Can you pretty plz help me?

I need 165€ for meds, which got increased this month;

30€ for physiotherapy;

& groceries + personal hygiene stuff, for which I'm short 100€.

IF you CAN chip in, it'll be very welcome & appreciated!

Any amount will help & so will boosts! :blobcatflower:



#MutualAidRequest #MutualAid

Thank you so much for helping me! :blobcatheart:

Hey RafiX thanks for the bandcamp follow! Muy obrigado! 🙇 🎸 🎵 🎇

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Have a listen of my music on !

And if you like it, follow me there 😃🎵🎶🎸🎤

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In 2016 Misato formed a band, Crispy Camera Club, and all these years later, they're still making music:

Crispy Camera Club / Time of change(季節のはじまり)
(Live at Tokyo International Music Market, Nov 2021)

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I was free on the day of the concert so I went along and it was fun. The young woman's artist name is Misato. One of the songs she played was this one:

ミサト 「夜をこえないで」

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"Password must contain one special character" all characters are special to me
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Hora dolphin hora dolphan
Hora dolphin dolphan dolphon


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During the shooting of "Knight without armour" in the UK, the Nazi regime approached Marlene Dietrich to work in the German film industry.
Not only did she refuse, she donated her entire fee ($450,000, which would today be about $8,000,000) to help Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler’s Germany.

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More Glasgow afternoon sky
(I liked the effect of the whole scene so not cropped)

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