Omg Noblesse is so good
But 20 minutes per week it's really too few for me

The swan has a dree-a-am --
to become a white du-u-uck

And so, I finished Orange Marmalade...
...for the second time.

There is often a character in manga that is not a central character at all, and yet they are so special and important and you care for them ^_^

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My meager competence does not allow me to understand what the people are saying here;

but this is explained much better in the manga!

the translation that I think makes more sense is the one provided by the scanlation group ^_^

Very interesting!
One of the key characters in Hinamatsuri is Mishima Hitomi 三嶋 瞳. I always pronounced her name as "Hitomi"; but the way "瞳" is pronounced in the manga is truly as if it were written as 人み, which to my ears sounds as "sh'tò-mi" ^_^

This is quite interesting to me.

In Hinamatsuri the manga, it is not revealed that these two characters are father and son.

Or better, the mangaka never tells this in the manga -- he reveals it afterwards, in his final notes.

Here you can see that they took note of this relationship and put it in the anime. I liked this very much -- well done! ^_^

P.S. The son is Sabu サブ, and the father is the guy who's always seen drunk in the Little Song bar.

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@Eidon Do you know Katsura Shhijaku? He was rakugo-ka.
He's dead a few years ago.
He was genius.
His Rakugo "Toki-Udon" is very famous.
Please Listen.

(8) (1/2) Rakugo in English "Toki-udon" - YouTube

I like very much ! It's nice to dive again into that beautiful story. What I find strange is that the story takes place in Japan. It's strange, was it so necessary to move the stage from South Korea to Japan?

It would be wonderful if robots would achieve sentience one day.

This is from a wonderful manga called "Watashi wa Shingo".

And so, Horrible Subs is no more...

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