Made a latte today, it wasn't that difficult actually. I kinda want an espresso machine now, but also they tend to be pretty expensive I thought.

Got to try a Valve Index the other day (Half-Life Alyx) 

It was pretty cool! Some things are super natural, especially with the Index' controllers (like picking things up, tossing them, gun mechanics, etc).

There were a few moments where the game actually surprised me, too. Little things like seeing someone run across a hallway and feeling like they were actually there. They do some tricks to make you not really interact directly with people, but things still seem like they're lived in.

However, I don't think I could play for long though. At a certain point in the game I started getting a headache (right around when you open the QZ where you start seeing zombies and whatnot). But it was still a cool experience.

In case someone doesn't want to respond, but wants to vote.

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Question: Seeking feedback on URI format for target names 

Basically I'm considering these formats (example provided are target names for CMake project owned by Kitware):

URI Format A:

* `//kitware/cmake/all`
* `//kitware/cmake/cmake`
* `//kitware/cmake/cpack`

URI Format B:

* `kitware://cmake/all`
* `kitware://cmake/cmake`
* `kitware://cmake/cpack`

URI Format C:

* `//kitware.cmake/all`
* `//kitware.cmake/cmake`
* `//kitware.cmake/cpack`

URI Format D:

* `//cmake.kitware/all`
* `//cmake.kitware/cmake`
* `//cmake.kitware/cpack`

Any thoughts or input? Right now, I'm leaning towards leaving it like URI format A (which is how it's currently implemented), but I'd love some input.

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Question: Seeking feedback on URI format for target names 

I have an abstraction over my build system. It allows me to say "I'd like to build target Foo, from project Bar, owned by group Baz". This is formatted like a URI (`bit:tgt://owner/project/target`). You can omit the scheme since it's always going to be implied as `bit:tgt:`, so building software can be as simple as asking to build `//ower/project/target`.

Target names are composed like a directory structure. So if I have a target defined in the root build file of a project, it'd have the name `//owner/project/target`, however if I have a target under the subdirectory (from the root of the project) "path/to", then the target would be named `//owner/project/path/to/target`.

I think I like this format, but one oddity is that technically the "hostname" of the project is all of `//owner/project`. Alternatively I could structure them `//project.owner/path/to/target` which would make it more clear, but also I hate the DNS format for this.

I considered doing something like `bit:tgt:owner://project/path/to/target`, but it feels kind of wrong to put the owner in the scheme part of the URI. And I'm not sure if I like reverse-DNS format (//owner.project/path/to/target) because then there is no clean way to build all projects under an owner.

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If anyone cares to know, I feel completely normal today. So maybe I got lucky and had minimal/no side-effects?

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Note, the headache didn't happen until way later in the day.

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Vaccine shot went well, a bit of soreness in my arm, and maybe a slight headache, but that's about it. However, I have heard some folks experience issues later on, so hopefully that's about it for side-effects.

Vaccine scheduled for later today, first shot of the Pfizer. Took a while to get an appointment where I live, but honestly this is still a bit faster than I had imagined it'd go back in January-ish.

Whenever I take paid time off folks always ask me where I am going - nowhere dude, I just like not having to go to work sometimes.

Gosh, it's so difficult going through all my old projects. I really need to trim them down and find which ones I really care about.

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Trying to figure out the best way to manage my computers - thinking about keeping a repo of scripts and inventory and using it to maintain them.

I feel like almost every status update from me could be "still trying to get my shit together" lol

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