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This week was rough - super glad it is over.
(。T ω T。)

I've never witnessed my recommended videos do that precise of a 180 before, I wonder if it's just running out of shit it thinks I'd watch.

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*Watches one video featuring a large excavation vehicle being pulled from a lake.*

YouTube: "Shiiiit, if you wanted nothing but cars guns sports and woodworking videos why didn't you say so?"

Build System Project 

The next thing I need to do is another not very fun thing to work on, so it's really hard to stay motivated right now.

The next commit will make the build system aware of git submodules. This way the build system can fix the submodules up if they aren't in the state we expect. This has worked very nicely for me, actually!

The reason the work sucks though is because it'll require refactoring toolchain generation (because the only thing that currently interacts with submodules is the toolchain). I need to find a way to support building the toolchain, while also being flexible enough for a submodule to be used as a source for projects to link with (and not just install from).

My main requirement is that I don't regress on features while making these big changes. So maybe since I'm not too excited to work on this, I'll just do the bare minimum to not regress and move on.

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Well, I got quite a bit done this weekend, but I am kinda tired now - gonna just relax with the rest of my time off. :blobcatMelt:

Took one last day off work today - going to try to make the best of it.

2021 resolutions set. :blobcatAmused:

I always set them and revisit my previous year's resolutions to see how I did. On average I complete roughly 1/3 of my resolutions - I think that's pretty good, actually.

Everyone sets different kinds/qualities of resolutions, so I don't think everyone's success rates are comparable. Still, it's a nice little break to plan the things I want to improve on, even if they change throughout the year.

Found my original account, and my Bitshift account on the niu memories thing! :3

Basically gonna watch vtubers, program, and bake cookies.

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Today is going to be rough - not that it is actually difficult, just that tomorrow starts my long weekend and it's always tough to remain motivated the day before.

Work is slow... Kinda like, half working now. Doing some integration test changes and waiting on the results.

My build system project is going so well! I actually used it today to write a quick application to practice an interview question I am preparing to use. :bunHappyHop:

Build System Project 

I finally got around to adding build targets to my build system. You'd think that'd be the first thing added, but almost everything else I was doing until now was just scaffolding to be able to add build targets.

As of now, I can define targets, they will resolve appropriately (based on their dependencies), identify dependency cycles, and integrate pretty well into the whole build system.

So, my first "project" is a bunch of check-scripts, which can build really basic utilities like hello-world, and echo, and whatnot using these target functions. So I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere - "worked for several months and I can finally build hello-world".

The feature I'm working on now is project separability. I want all of my projects to exist in a single monorepo, but I want the projects within the repo to be as easy as possible to pick out of the monorepo and sync with a separate repo representing just that project for open-sourcing things. This has been the plan all along, and I'm just now implementing that.

The success criteria for this is asking how I can configure the project. Do I have to do it from the repo root? Or can I successfully do it from the project root with minimal (none if possible) code duplication? Both needs to work.

I'm still working on it.

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