Build System Project 

Okay, I can feel that this next change is going to take a long time... I probably won't be done with it for another several weeks. -_-

Struggling to make progress on my projects today. -_-

Almost the weekend! :3 

This weekend, my goal is still to support Python3 as a build target. I added language modules for Python3 (so that I can do `project(Name LANGUAGES Python3)`), and I created some functions for creating Python3 build targets (modules, binaries, tests, etc).

Well... They don't actually do anything other than copy files. What I want the build step to do is to run the `compile` command on these files, as sort of a syntax checking mechanism. That, to me, represents a "build" step for Python3 targets.

As for tests, I think to start I'll just use the provided `unittest` module. After I get that working and integrated with CMake, I'll probably upgrade to pytest. The goal here is to be able to easily create unit tests for my modules.

All of this is kind of lame - I really want to use a different language for my utilities, I just haven't decided which language yet. Adding Python3 support is acting like a test for what I'm going to do to support other languages. I know what I'll do for C and C++, so those aren't very interesting.

I'll probably add support for a few languages just to get the hang of things, and then I'll narrow in on a specific language for my utilities. It's not desirable to have a scripting language for my utilities.

Complaining about old choices 

In college, when I didn't give a shit about my website except for being a resume, I used Wordpress.

I'm still suffering for this. Really wish I would've just spent a little time and used a static site generator or something.

Can't wait to be fucking rid of it.

I bought the special edition Prinny game pretty much just for this. :blobcat3cSmirk:

Korone reads the English word for "pipe" as it would be pronounced in Japanese:

At least it is much easier to use now than when originally introduced, but I still happen upon strange cases where I struggle to understand why it isn't allowed.

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Very tired this weekend, so I may not get as much done as I wanted on my projects. :blobcatDead:

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When you live alone, it's funny the things you'll just deal with because it isn't a huge issue. I feel like if I lived with someone I'd be really on-top of stuff like this to not inconvenience the other person.

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I kept pushing off buying new lights for my bathroom (they have a strange, non-standard base) - and now here I am without any lights. :blobcatDerpy:

Ah, well, it got unflagged - it was confusing what they wanted from me. I just send them a pdf explaining I don't sell anything, and they accepted that. Weird process.

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My PayPal got flagged? They wants me to provide information about things I've sold to people? I have never sold anything to anyone using PayPal...

*sigh* - I guess I'll call them tomorrow and see what's going on.

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