having a biscuit fall into my tea and dissolve makes me feel like that racoon with cotton candy

yknow the jokes about boys pockets

i can fit an entire nintendo switch (full size, not a lite) in the inside pocket of my jacket, it is absurd

overwhelming urge to procrastinate

tried the whole visible infill thing for the first time, pretty patterns

got the very last pack of custard creams at the shop :blobcatNomCookie:

why does the windows terminal have a built in CRT filter now

hhh fractal design are doing death stranding themed cases and i kinda want one..... youtube.com/watch?v=6VnjIE86mR

You could play the first level of TS2 in homefront revolution, but it turns out you could access the entire game through a cheat code that wasnt known until now.

So a complete PC port of Timesplitters 2 has been hidden in plain sight for like 4 years youtube.com/watch?v=o2QY-tsp20

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so apperently theres been a pretty much complete remaster of Timesplitters 2 hiding in plain sight the past few years, huuuuh

tetris 99 and now pacman 99. okay but where is pong 99

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