gotta love dota canonically having a horse hell

It's days like these that make me glad I don't care about cyberpunk 2077 (no offense to anyone who does)

I should really stop reading questionable content

stuff like that always reminds of the "other side" of social networking. Like, FB and instagram have never been problems for me since I treat them solely as a method to keep up with close-to-medium friends and family. I'd never go to either of them for memes or facts or god forbid news. yet instagram seems dedicated to reminding me that that's a poor life that people experience

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Instagram has started doing that thing for me where once I've seen "todays posts" it starts showing random other accounts on my timeline and it's annoying because it remind me how shit instagram is

though to be fair, I didn't have problems with it, just various plugins. the software itself besides the unfortunateness of node was fine

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etherpad was probably one of the most annoying software I've setup so far

turns out my power company turns off auto-payment when you move so I haven't paid my electric bill in three months ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the commercialization of mindfulness and stoicism is really a peak capitalism thing huh

You got yourself into this mess by going out and talking to girls instead of staying home and playing the new call of duty

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I hate being a pretentious audiophile/etc sounding person, but everytime I see someone using bluetooth speakers for a hifi setup I feel physical pain.
doubly so when it involves a turntable; you're already spending a couple hundred bucks for a decent setup, why are you wasting it with bluetooth?

In many ways I miss college, but more so I think I just miss being a member of a community.

is this the point where I finally give in and buy wireless earbuds

Forgot to mention this is for smash. And yes I'm just now discovering it because before this I never really cared about it

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I'm sorry, but what the fuck is up with nintendo charging $6 per DLC character. $25 as a bundle discount? at that point I could buy another fucking game

I played medusa in dota for the first time and now I understand just..everything about MOBAs

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A cool community, I guess.