I played medusa in dota for the first time and now I understand just..everything about MOBAs

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huh, yeah turns out Teamspeak 5 really is using matrix for their chat backend.

like as much as I hate discord, it's pretty hard to argue that it hasn't raised the UE bar so much higher now then any other gaming vc (i.e Teamspeak,mumble,xfire). There's no comparison.

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> How Discord Won
because there's literally no better combination of text and voice chat out there and it's free. I'll never understand why people underestimate that so much.

honestly I'd argue there's just no better way of doing easy voice chat in general but that's a different matter

Every now and then I read something like "Punk was originally apolitcal but was then co-opted by Anglo-Judeo Situationists" and I wonder what people do in the spare time

life is like a box of value bacon; you never know what you're gonna get, but you hope it's bacon

look at you, prancing around with your head full of eyeballs

Not to be German on main or anything but shoutout to ISO norms

deeply concerned that apparently the only people actually reading my emails right now is Red Hat.

AMD thought my support ticket was closed when I said "successfully recreated the issue on another OS" and my student workers suggested a user do a hard reset of their computer instead of powering it off, then resetting flea power.

I should have just taken the week off

Alright, I get it now. NVME drives are absolutely worth it

Finally, I get a day off from my job of fixing computers and designing systems
*spends vacation day fixing home computer and designing systems*

I appreciate Hades the game for making my username relevant for once

accompanied by "whatever I can cook from the bunch of random japanese ingredients I bought"

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Tonight beer: a Hitachino "Yuzu Lager" that cost me $20 for a four pack

my twitterbot said that tomorrow is essentially just 200 true false questions and I've been thinking about that for three days now.

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Friend: I don't understand how guys can live with long hair

Me: happily

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A cool community, I guess.