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📜 Rules

As of 06/12/2020

💭 General

  • Respect other users and their backgrounds.
    Here are some examples of activities that will not be tolerated:
    • Harassment.
    • Hateful speech.
    • Being transphobic, racist, fascist, or supporting any oppressions in general.
    • Jokes about suicide, self harm.
    • ...And potentially more as we encounter specific cases, but you see the picture.
  • When interacting with users outside of this community, you have to follow the rules of their community.
    For the majority of cases, following our set of rules should be sufficient.
  • Don't share anyone's personal information without their consent, and delete content about a person should they ask.
  • For profit companies accounts aren't allowed.
    (If you look around a bit there are communities made specifically for this)
  • Offering sex services is prohibited in this community.
    (If you look around a bit there are communities made specifically for this)
  • Boosting content is considered the same as posting content. If you boost something, you can be held responsible.
  • If you misbehave somewhere else, we reserve the right to sanction you locally.
  • Don't go on a crusade against those who don't respect our local rules, people from other communities have no obligation to follow ours.
    • If you don't like to see the content of these people, you can block or silence them.
    • If you think that a community is nothing more than a source of nuisance, please contact me.

💬 Posting

  • It is mandatory to put under CW the following topics, if posted in Public timelines:
    • Spoilers.
      If you're not sure what a spoiler is, here's the Wikipedia article about it
    • Strong negativity.
      Many of us are already having a hard time. It's hard to come across negative content when you don't want to.
    • Violences.
      Anything that seems violent to you. From a fictional murder description to a video of police violence.
    • Politics.
      The depressing state of current politics is not to everyone's liking when they come here to relax.
    • Scary Bugs.
      Honestly, who likes close-up photos of spiders?
    • Person(s) close to / looking at the camera.
      Many of us are uncomfortable when we observe them, proximity with others, etc.
  • Spamming is of course not allowed.
  • Avoid shitposts on the Public timeline.
  • It is recommended to use the Public privacy level only if you want to reach the entire fediverse. If you just want to talk to your friends who follow you, Unlisted is made for that.
  • It is recommended to put related posts in the same thread.
    • Also, avoid making a lot of short posts if it's the same thing. We have a larger characters limit than most Mastodon communities, so take the opportunity to make a bigger single posts.
  • It is recommended to make personal interactions at least Unlisted.
    • For example, if I wanna ask @Mary is she's alright, I don't need to broadcast it to everyone publics timelines.

🖼️ Attachments

  • You have to follow proper procedures when posting NSFW content.
    If you don't understand what NSFW means, here's the Wikipedia article about it.
    • You must hide NSFW content using the Mark media as sensitive checkbox
    • You must put explicit (Pornographic, genitals, fluid everywhere, etc) content on the Unlisted or Followers-only privacy level. Anything but Public .
    • You may not have NSFW content in your profiles.
  • If you are posting a media with Public privacy level, be sure to include a description for the visually or hearing impaired.
    • To do that, use the edit button when the media is uploaded.
    • The description must follows Wikipedia's guidelines. (It's also a good guide if you're afraid of not doing it right.)
  • Please tell me that dogs are blues when you reach me for an invitation.
  • Sexual depictions of minors (drawings included) are not allowed and are considered like pedopornography.
    • This same rule applies if it is your body, you have to be at least 18 years old to post sexually implying pictures of yourself, no exceptions.
( Having noticed that many administrators were using our rules as a basis for their communities or were asking me if they could copy them, I wanted to tell you that yes, of course! )

🌐 Federation

  • We federate with the whole Fediverse.
    That being said, communities that are a common source of content that deeply breaks our rules, or are a source of nuisance might be either:
    • Silenced, where anyone can follow and boost anyone, but posts will be hidden by default.
    • Suspended, which prevents almost all communication with this community.
  • If you wonder if a community is Silenced or Suspended, feel free to ask me.
    Making public the communities affected by these restrictions would give them too much visibility. And since I consider them to be a nuisance, it would be counterproductive.

🛎️ Staff

  • For security purposes, the staff here have access to more information about the community members.
    • All the staff have access to all Followers-only posts.
    • 🟢 Moderators are able to access to specific Direct posts only if you report them.
    • 🔴 Administrators are able to access all Direct posts through the database.
      (Not something we usually do, but we want to let you know that Direct posts are not a secure communication channel to share, say, your passwords.)
  • Currently, RaRu.Re is operated by these people:
    • 🔴 Administrator - Miaourt (Me !)
    • 🔴 Administrator - Mary (Mainly in case something happens to me)

📍 Content security

  • The server hosting this community is hosted at Nuremberg, Germany, on a server provided by Hetzner.
  • Attachments are stored in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on a service provided by Wasabi.
  • Backups of your content are made daily.

💶 Financing

This community is run with my own funds and time, you can tip me on: (more options coming in the future)

📃 Licenses

This community use Blob Hub's emojis which are licensed under this license

This community uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License .

Bun emojis are licensed under Apache License Version 2.0 by Feuerfuchs.dev)

The community birthday is the 06/08/2020 🎂