The Asahi Linux alpha is great, of course it's not so practical due to lack of GPU, backlight, sleep, etc. But it's very very promising. With some more device drivers, Asahi on the M1 will probably be the best software+hardware configuration that money can buy.

lol ublock has seriously blocked more than half of requests so far

another stupid A/B test from youtube, i wish they just stopped changing their GUI like 6 years ago lol

an old seagate external HDD died, so i peeled it open and put an SSD in it. now i have an external SSD

the roads are too snowy to leave the house, sounds like a good day to compile my own raspberry pi distro

uBlock Origin filter to remove trending on twitter:’s happening):upward(10)

this is actually not any more inefficient than using a heater lol, in terms of watts

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remembering last winter when i didnt have a heater so i had to resort to running prime95 on my pc

when you buy a DVD drive and it comes with "The Sims 3: Late Night" in it

rich people wanting to be a villain from a famous cyberpunk novel, episode 6: mark zuckerberg and "snow crash"

@comfcat its nice, i like how they have an actually good html editor built into their site

doing some updating to my neocities page

lol i just realized the char. limit on this instance is 1312

@esheep thx, i've been scrolling for a while and it seems to be exactly what i was hoping for

first post on mastodon (well, except that i was on a different server a few years ago, which i dont think exists anymore)


It's pronounced ʁaʁyʁe. And written RaRuRe, or R3 for short.
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