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every single game that costs money should have a demo it just makes sense

my patience for video tutorials has been completely spoiled by those blender animations that are like 20 seconds long

understanding what's a reference and what's a copy is pretty difficult to keep track of but i think that'll come with time

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i was making a quick neural network thing because thats my version of "hello world" for testing out language feel & i wanted to see if a visualiser would be possible - my last visualiser was written in raylib so it might be easy to make quick bindings

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this is what C interop looks like, this has gotta be so easy for making bindings

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there's already a freaking great language server for it also tha guy who made the sokol libs just made an Odin wrapper so (!!!) big videogame potential

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Odin is an incredible langauge oh my god. everything is so pleasant

looking up gba devkitpro videos because joining the gba jam could be fun..!

i think ive found the worst code formatting ive ever seen

making a rly simple turn-based rpg fighty thing in Discord! so far ive got character persistence & randomly generated enemies based on ur level. its super super basic atm, just playing around

it just hits my brain way more normally yknow. omg wait lemme post a vid of the bot

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ive been making some fun discord bots!! revisiting C# for the first time in like 7 yrs shows me how absolutely insanely easy and straight forward C++ is


omg another c++ killer [anime girl sleeping gif (doesnt care)]

they should rly put me in charge of the emotes on rarure... :cirnoPout:

happy hell day to my british mutuals!!! my head is pounding!!! all thats saving me is splashing around in my bath of cool water every few mins

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