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but.!! im getting in the mood to make a silly little fighting game again lol

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the ggpo sdk is is suuuper intuitive but it only handles rollback and sync logic between peers, but not nat punchthrough or matchmaking p2p connections which is the hard part..

the deeper in both dimensions the network is, the faster that C compares to C++, one test with the structure (2,10,10,10,10,1) approximating XOR:
C++ - avg 9500ms
C - avg 2000ms

almost a 5x speedup for a teeny change! just think that's interesting

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rewrote my C neural network lib in C++, here's some random stats if ur curious!! EXACT same logical basics, C++ is just a lil more OOP of course

C - ~250 LOC
C++ - ~200 LOC

150k iterations avg time:
C - 540ms
C++ - 750ms

1.5m iterations avg time:
C - 3300ms
C++ - 4900ms

ive been experimenting on extending this w more pieces, random events, but NOTHING is making it more or less interesting, just more complex/confusing.

the most fun interactions are still between the rook/knight/bishop. the chess guys had it already kinda figured out

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spy x family is so so so good im going to cry my eyes out

im not exactly sure what the good part of this idea is yet -- is it the "spatial card game" part? does it rely on the fact that its Chess? if i introduced a variety of pieces and let you build a deck, would that ruin it? idk!!! lol!!

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ok quite literally everyone ive played this with so far has given BEAMING feedback so i think im going to take the hint and work on this a lot more

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my friend told me they used to work on a forza game and they had a file called "car.cpp" that was 111,000+ lines long

sry for this insanepost, but has anyone seen Durrell Bishop's Marble Answering Machine? it "stores" messages in marbles which u can put in a slot to replay them, or put them in whatever categorisation system you like

I LOVE physicality of software stuff like this! it's so fun and feels like a caveman could understand it. i dont think tangible interfaces have been explored enough. what im saying is: we have too many screens and not enough funny balls

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i think usbs should rattle. if theres files in there

this fix solved an issue thats been present & unsolved for years and the seniors are praising me aahwughaough im riding a high today fedi

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just spent 2 weeks at work on a race condition that was solved in 1 line MELTAL BRAKDOwN

It was a fun experiment of taking 1 game (chess) and putting it in a different topological context (card games)!!!! I'm shelving this but it was fun, I want to work towards a faster-paced game.

The idea came from this talk by Raph Koster he's a genius, it's such an easy watch

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I played it with some friends in call -- I didn't expect it to be as fun as it is, we had a great time! There's a lotta interesting decisions to make - though.. that's not demonstrated very well in this video of me playing against myself lmfao

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