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got the 2nd vaccine!! I can feel my body beaming wifi signals to zuckerberg as we speak

getting my 2nd vaccine & I'm more nervous about the uber taking me there than the vaccine itself lol ;;

yestrday i went into complete drawing stasis & forgot to eat all day & the first time i stood up i almost blacked out, almost happened again, gonna make a pastaa

data design for a neural network in C sucks so bad when ur trying to get max cache hits, absolute hell task

rly good day at work today, i think i always feel good whenever i get to work on something with a nice visual result

got some kfc.. havin a comfy night~! hope you are too :bunBlanketHappy:

I wish u could build worlds as easy as can build pretty characters in hentai games. life is cruel

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i'm trying to understand my OCs better but i have absolutely!! no idea!! none of them even have names :blobcatUwuCry:

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i went ham at work today so didn't get personal projects done but i spent the entire day playing factorio so it was 100% productive

have a good night<3 !!

everyone made such cute designs i love them ;; u guys rock glad u had fun with it

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