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looking at the concept art & trailers & goals for a game: hell yes give it to me nowww

having to make it before u can play it: ugghhhdudhhhhuh

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it's so cool working for a client-based game dev company, you get invited to all internal presentations for a ton of upcoming games it's like every day is a mini E3

i said to my friend "wow it was supposed to thunder today damn" & it immediately started raining my life is a CARTOON

I can't wait to get into the games industry and solve difficult problems
*gets given a difficult problem to solve*
oh no

rain πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•β€οΈ cold weather πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•aaaa I've missed you

drawing 2, trying to practice perspective?!?!?!! went wrong, will practice more >:3

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it is a freaking HEATWAVE why am i still making CUPS OF HOT TEA

bought my first skeb request today for my big hat girl. I can't wait oh god

between u and me on the canvas she is surrounded by the most fucky nsfw stuff ever made & also ankah with a gun

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if a cute version of factorio comes out do NOT let me know i will melt down

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me & a friend got about 40% the way through making the core of a multiplayer fighting game & then Samurai Gunn 2 came out & it's exactly what we were going for & it looks way more badass than what I'd do :blobcatMeltTears: happens every time

when tha moon hits ur eye like a big pizza pie danganronpa

Anywya ppl at work are really happy with my performance & i'm gonna be in charge of a big AI system!! wahoao

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I've been getting rly lonely throughout the workday so I'm gonna have my laptop open with some streams while working :blobcatCoffee: anyway gm gm sip sip <3

hot cocoa kinda day :blobcatCoffee: γ€Œunlimited sip works」 :blobcatCoffee: :blobcatCoffee: :blobcatCoffee: :blobcatCoffee:

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