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me & a friend got about 40% the way through making the core of a multiplayer fighting game & then Samurai Gunn 2 came out & it's exactly what we were going for & it looks way more badass than what I'd do :blobcatMeltTears: happens every time

when tha moon hits ur eye like a big pizza pie danganronpa

Anywya ppl at work are really happy with my performance & i'm gonna be in charge of a big AI system!! wahoao

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I've been getting rly lonely throughout the workday so I'm gonna have my laptop open with some streams while working :blobcatCoffee: anyway gm gm sip sip <3

hot cocoa kinda day :blobcatCoffee: γ€Œunlimited sip works」 :blobcatCoffee: :blobcatCoffee: :blobcatCoffee: :blobcatCoffee:

I watch this talk every few days to hype me up for working on games, Jeff Vogel is so freakin charismatic

mmmm can't wait for the long weekend :bunBlanketHappy: I have no plans, maybe I should do bungame stuff?Β‘

today I'm gona be thinkin bout how to balance work & personal projects, I'm both slacking & overworking on hobbies

ih my god I'm so tired this mroning HAPPY WENSDSY. HALF WAY TO WEEKEND

give friend peace offering of big booby twitter link

fauna πŸ₯Ί sana πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

toffee is so full of love & full of 4 human servings of pasta

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