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i always wondered why GameMaker games look so CRISP compared to my games, and i just realised, why the heck are mine so BLURRY!?!?!?!? EVERYUTHING has nearest filtering

i had such a weird dream stephen mulhern delivered me estrogen in a box and winked at me like that was just a Thing he did sometimes

omg absolutely TORRENTIAL rain here it's awesome I love this. fattest raindrops I've ever seen I'm so comfy

:blobcatUwuCry: IM SRY i post so much about this bunny game im just havin fun with it, i wish i had more interesting stuff to show u but im takin it easy after my 1st work week

it'll be like dwarf fortress where everything's modular, and if you can think of it, you can probably do it.. BUT it leads to weird things like this (two puller arms facing towards each other)

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since everything in this game has a rly simple push/pull interface, and planting a carrot is basically pushing it into dirt, conveyor belts & splitters work as auto-planters

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NEW DRAGON MAID IS STOOPID there was like 800 Booby Wobble sounds but the most fucked up thing is that.. i think they're ACTUALLY GOING AHEAD with the arc where kobayashi grows a BIG FKN WEINER

first week of work finished. i love these people & wanna work here forever, theyre all v skilled engineers & fun people i cant wait to get up to speed with them all

THE SUPPORT ON THIS WHOLE THREAD THANK U im gonna kiss all of u. I'm glad u like the lil arms

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i just heard like 1000 people yell "YEEES GET INNN" outside did someone score

finally working with real AAA proprietary game engines makes me realise, woah, yeah, everyone's right these things suck & all AAA ppl do is fix complexity with more complexity

im in love w everyone at my new job this place owns but omg its hard & i feel useless ahah

brushing my hair & a full start-to-finish like 5 hr game idea played out in my head & now i SOMEHOW have to write it all down before it vanishes-- oh nope its gone

the new sdl2 wiki is so goddamn bad every single page is STILL broken and trashed with artefacts from the old markup months after the change this is driving me nuts lmao

u can now drag from ur inventory and place things in the world!! this was a LOT more work than i thought it would be to get it working super robustly lol ;; :bunHop: πŸ₯•πŸ’–

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