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i have some big ol for loops for simple stuff, it's not intensive but i wonder if there'd be a benefit to put these tiny things into compute shaders or if sending the data to the gpu for something so small would be a bottlenekc. idk!!!! anyway i should be working

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i really wanna add a super easy compute shader interface to my engine.. i wonder if it'd speed things up or slow them down like crazy

havin a Birthday & gonna take it easy, watch jujutsu kaisen and maybe order Pizza hut!!


tha Mechanic is like, the more stuff you slash up you can attack faster, dash further and move quicker so you can just get like a huge combo! hope it feels nice

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need to make a game prototype for uni and oh my god the deadline is Monday. re-trying this idea! hopefully its fun to just sorta dash around

the Primitive Technology guy not uploading a video in over a year has made me lose my connection to nature more than covid ever could

an enlarged version of my new stupid ass avatar for the fans

tha big fuggin boxes with dials & buttons you use in music production is a masterclass in tangible interface design & i wish they existed more for other fields

my C++ code test today was so fun and cute. They've done c-style c++ in the exact way I'd do it, and they're askin me to implement new game features & memory optimisations into this shooter. Fun fun

practicin for a pre-interview c++ programming test on Wednesday by transforming love2d into a straight up c++ library which ive wanted to do for ages

it's fuggin amazing this feels so great. I'll post a drawing when I uhh get good at drawing aha

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Baught a new drawing tablette, will review later today when it comes


sip sip cocoa.. excited about the Nintendo Direct tonight. Having so much fun playing mario & smash

feeling like a princess & bruhsing my absolutely fuckin hell nightmare knot infested depression-length hair

i dont know anything about cryptocurrency but i've made Β£300 so far for choccy milk funds. all it cost was my entire mental health

im sorry i havent been posting. i bought some doge coin last month & ive just been watchin the funny line move around

[10 minutes into Kirby's Adventure] ah okay, it's for babies, it's baby mario, it's mario but for 2 year old babies
[~1hr later, enlightened] this game fuckin rocks

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