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i'm learning melee it's so sick, im still so clumsy but its clicking >:3c

*sees ur wearing NORMAL socks*
oh so you're like, one of THOSE proga

ohgod good morning! rise and grind I've got so much to do today :blobcatFine:

(dumb) The only thing i've done with it is prank my friend because i got the domain "", which this discord embed leads to a jpeg of obama

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spinning mah pen around thinking about what to do with my new server this sexy weekend

i feel so stoopid that i'm having trouble with getting sdl2 to work on android hrrmrhhh

ahh sending those 2 emails today really wore me out *sleeps for 14 hours*

WHAT THA HECK the official itchio twitter posted about ma magic wolfgirl game, i think its due to you guys checking it out so much THANK YOU πŸ’– πŸ’• :blobcatMeltTears:

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Maybe it's because I made it cost Β£1.. I feel bad, but I've cracked one of my teeth in my sleep (THAT'S GROSS I'M SORRY) and the dental costs to fix it are Β£280!! fhgh

I can cover it ok, I've got savings, I just have to watch what I spend on food & stuff this semester. If ya wanna be a total SWEETHEART πŸ’–πŸ’– and swing a dollar my way check out these tiny games & i'll kiss you

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this is the start of some Aesthetic Tests i'm doing for game ideas before starting, idk if this one's good, what are ya thoguhts??

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Elden Ring leak shows it's in the polishing stage and will release 2021, and an anime adaption of godadmn Record of Ragnarok was teased & will premiere 2021

this year is STACKED

playing with Unity shaders for tha first time & trying to recreate that cool effect that some Cod guns have ✨


got reminded of a fedi account from 10000 years ago, going back to mah oldschool style

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