i'm so scared for my interviews in future. i'm so busy making actual stuff i never practice tech interview tasks like self-balancing binary trees

@izumoo WOO I'm using UnclePunch 2.0 to learn & practice cool stuff, but I'm still getting used to the movement control in general after coming from ultimate ahah, NO BUFFER IS HARDER THAN I THOUGHT OK I'M NOT A SCRUB I SWEAR

i'm learning melee it's so sick, im still so clumsy but its clicking >:3c


*sees ur wearing NORMAL socks*
oh so you're like, one of THOSE proga

ohgod good morning! rise and grind I've got so much to do today :blobcatFine:

@icedquinn @Stellar going to generate trillions of waifus like Cookie Clicker & make waifu jpegs a new cryptocurrency thank u

@6a62 JUST FOR LIKE. FUN WEB STUFF. i'm getting horribly hustle-brained & want to make more viable portfolio stuff

(dumb) The only thing i've done with it is prank my friend because i got the domain "from.software", which this discord embed leads to a jpeg of obama

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spinning mah pen around thinking about what to do with my new server this sexy weekend

i feel so stoopid that i'm having trouble with getting sdl2 to work on android hrrmrhhh

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