@aurita yuss I'm on it now! besides the new cool UI update I haven't really used any of the new features, but gpu rendering got improved I think which is cool?!!

@calv oh ym god I am sending u my strength I'm so sorry. I'm just happy ur not using eclipse!!

moved back to sublime text after using vscode for a year and oh my god this is SO much better I missed youuuuuu smooch smooch smooch

@ocean we have to PAY TAX every single day and don't even get scritchies in return what is the point

I hate credit score!!!! I want to be a cat!! AGONY

I've decided that mining sux!! I think itd be way cooler to have "Something from nothing" rather than taking up the earth's resources.. So hear me out?! .. you can decompose things u grow into compost, which you can sift through for rocks or teeny tiny scraps of iron. This can be automated and gives u the incentive for super big optimal farms. By proxy, literally everything is made of carrots lol

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@pry :blobcatSmileHappy: :blobcatSmileHappy: :blobcatSmileHappy: :blobcatSmileHappy: pry wtf thank you YOURE cool!! i get jealous of the cool stuff you do a lot ahaha thank you! AND GOOD LUCK, A C PROJECT WOULD BE DOPE

@pry Heck yess it's so insanely cool and elegant right!! One of my favourite ideas ever. Like just the idea of like "oh just have a Wrongness function, derive it, and go down the gradient so it becomes less wrong"

@pry OH sorry!! It's a fully connected multi-layer perceptron. One in Rust would be freakin sweet!!

@twinkle ahaha, i love the easy debugging tools!! it's just what im used to after getting an industry job :blobcatMeltMeltMelt:

@pry YA literally! I did that and wrote a custom malloc function that plays with that single pre-allocated block. I've read that a lot of hardcore coders make entire games in just one big malloc too, apparently it makes things a lot easier and faster

@pry The entire network, nodes, synapses etc are all in a single contiguous memory block, which means when that memory gets pulled to CPU cache, its wayyy less likely to have cache misses.

For example if I coded this in C++ and used std::vectors for each layer of nodes, then memory *could* be split across the heap, causing a ton of cache misses! That's a very very basic rundown ahaha

Finished my attempt at a super-cache-coherent C neural network! it's a bit simple but it was fun revisiting it ;u; github.com/tffdev/CNeuralNet

@aurita AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOAOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA<3333333 :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes: :blobcatOwoEyes:

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