@robflop OO true, it'd be cool if scrap could be recycled too into different things so you could put unused items to use πŸ‘€

Or maybe have lots of alternate recipes for the same items

i am very humbnly settling for the classic progression of Stone/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Uranium235

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For this bunny game I was like "omg!! it'll be cool to make it so ANY 2 items in the game is a crafting recipe"

but like. if there's 30 base items, and they all make new items, already that's 435 (30 choose 2), recipes/new items. gawd. not to mention like, crafting items with crafted items

@aoife awh hell yess lmao homestuck *almost* did this I think where ur walking around as John collecting gushers or smth

@epsi the most powerful technique.. they're in every song and style ever, and completely crucial!! every minute of practice is worth it glglglgl espy :blobcatHeart:

@prydt OH HELL YEAH wtf godspeed you!!! thats so admirable I wanna work towards that and get better at research too, my colleagues are so well-read its so badass. GLGL PRY fuck ya

@prydt LOL npnpp enjoy your Lyft lmao 😭😭

BUT YA I love "digital librarian",
You could make a cool site with categorised links to cool papers!??!

like if I wanted just some resource on "game engine architecture" like where do I easily start yknow?! ya just gotta stumble across it all. id personally super love that ;;

@prydt o hell yeah, honestly having a "heres a cool paper i recommend" and yanking out interesting tidbits would be amazing?!?!

kinda like PapersWeLove!?!??! check this out this owns & i think youll like it pry youtube.com/watch?v=SDS5gLSiLg

@Epsi @mrjunge YOU TWO ARE THE SWEETEST EVER THANK U 😭 i dont feel like that will ever happen i am quasimodo just makin thingies in mah belltower

@Epsi Gotta wait for the right wrestler gf, BUT FOR REAL I feel you, I've been really Eh towards past relationships, and I guess I really love my creative friends, but romantically, same, I feel you :blobcatMeltTears:

@Miredly LMAO thank you I'm trying, it's sorta relieving to be around this many people it makes me feel like I stand out less ahaha

in London omg I haven't seen this many people at once since the start of lockdown 😭😭

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Β‘GM! goin to London today, long train journey so gonna take a notepad and think of more ideas for this bunny thing :blobcatBugHunter: :blobcatEvening:

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