(dumb) The only thing i've done with it is prank my friend because i got the domain "from.software", which this discord embed leads to a jpeg of obama

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WHAT THA HECK the official itchio twitter posted about ma magic wolfgirl game, i think its due to you guys checking it out so much THANK YOU πŸ’– πŸ’• :blobcatMeltTears:

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playing with Unity shaders for tha first time & trying to recreate that cool effect that some Cod guns have ✨

THIS is the guy u find at the bottom of Mount Doom forging an armory He's so incredibly powerful & sweet

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just finished my last concurrency test! i have absolutely BOMBED that whole module! cryin but at least it's over

A FEW people asked so here's mah keeeby it's a Varmilo VA87M Sakura

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replaying some childhood games i think my cartridge is haunted

is it just me that finds adobe premiere's "media offline" screen spooky :blobcatFearful:

fediverse brothers join me in prayer so that geoffrey may bless us tonight

recorded a presentation for uni & listening to it, oh my god quarantine has made me forget how to talk

i made the epic mystcraft mistake of entering a Realm without a return book so now i aM TRAPPED IN THE HELL DIMENSION

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