interview tomorrow for a company that's rly cool, i'm not nervous youre nervous

need to make a game prototype for uni and oh my god the deadline is Monday. re-trying this idea! hopefully its fun to just sorta dash around

an enlarged version of my new stupid ass avatar for the fans

say hello to the good boy im gonna be spending the next few months with for my dissertation project

(dumb) The only thing i've done with it is prank my friend because i got the domain "", which this discord embed leads to a jpeg of obama

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WHAT THA HECK the official itchio twitter posted about ma magic wolfgirl game, i think its due to you guys checking it out so much THANK YOU πŸ’– πŸ’• :blobcatMeltTears:

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playing with Unity shaders for tha first time & trying to recreate that cool effect that some Cod guns have ✨

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