A MECHA FARMING GAME BABY im so pumped i need to grow corn so bad

made a hitbox editor for this quick & dirty rollback fighty game, its so much fun to use

implemented GGPO-style rollback netcode in Love2D!! it doesnt look like much but it FEELS great, even at 200ms+ ping!! with only a few small tweaks, im really happy with how self-balancing it is, even with fluctuating connections the clients stay in sync

sry for this insanepost, but has anyone seen Durrell Bishop's Marble Answering Machine? it "stores" messages in marbles which u can put in a slot to replay them, or put them in whatever categorisation system you like

I LOVE physicality of software stuff like this! it's so fun and feels like a caveman could understand it. i dont think tangible interfaces have been explored enough. what im saying is: we have too many screens and not enough funny balls

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Here's a chess-ish game I've been working on to get better at making networked games

i made a sprite packer during lunch so that bunny factorio can draw the whole game in 1 huge sprite batch -- it works!! From about 3k draw calls to 8, but it has NO performance increase & is still taking up the exact same amount of frame budget!! ah well it was fun

and of course u can automate the sieve just like every other tile!! ;u;

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also for progression once u compost down carrots, u can sieve that compost into rocks or maybe find lil bits of copper :blobcatEyes: which is.. unrealistic but u get it lol

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ive been using this STUPID comic sans mono font and its so much more readable.. im keeping it.. github.com/dtinth/comic-mono-f

she makes me so gd happy i cackle like an idiot every time shes on screen

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