aawoauhgoau ive been playing 3 intense fighting games for the past 2 months i'm so burnt out, i'm in the mood for relaxing factory games


whats ur relaxation game??! in dire need of recommendations lol ;u;

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@dialupdoll TRUEE ive been playing factorio seablock a little it's interesting

@toffy highly recommend if you are willing to tolerate a bit of difficulty

Dungeons, Dragon's, and Space Shuttles (I added hunger strike for gameplay balancing to tolerate it a bit easier, free heeeeeeeealz, also keep inventory)
Space Exploration the factorio mod. Helps to start with bots for this one

@toffy i could even shoot you an invite to my DDSS server/give you my modpack. it's a blast and i share with my friends

@toffy uhh usually vroom vroom games for me, but I know that's not for everyone

@toffy@raru.re not factory lol, i drive around in euro truck simulator 2 and it can be surprisingly relaxing

@toffy might be a terrible choice for you but i love binding of isaac.

honestly i like a lot of roguelites when it comes to relaxation since they can be kinda repetitive but very, very different run to run. they are also significantly easier to pick up and stop at any given moment.

@toffy if you want relaxing factory game nothing beats modded minecraft but for my relaxation games in general?
typically it changes depending on my mood but i usually go for something i can just leave on the background while i read, lately that's been modded rimworld

@toffy Old RPGs, Terraria, Slime Rancher, Celeste, oddly enough Deus Ex Human Revolution is a comfy game for me

An open world Spider-Man game, something like Spider-Man 2 (PS2), Spider-Man (PS4), or Spider-Man Miles Morales (PS5)

@toffy i like playing FTL when I'm wanting to relax.

@toffy relaxing with earthbound rn

its a cozy game to play w my bf

@toffy kerbal space program is a pretty relaxing game to me
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