ive been thinking lately about being like, a FOSS dev. it's always so much cooler when you're just like, "the person who made X", where X is something super polished and useful

like it's so much cooler to make a SINGLE piece of software thats really robust and does the job well, rather than half-making and abandoning a few dozen projects?

im just kinda sad that some ecosystems are extremely broad with 100 billion libraries for every piece of functionality you'd ever need, but none of them are very good..!

if i had to make, polish & maintain only 1 tool, idk what it'd be..!


@lucidiot interesting take!! i sorta get where he's coming from

BUT I like that the core functionality of languages etc are super minimal, where you can choose your own libraries that help solve your problem in the best way. it keeps the bottom layer lean & light!!

like take the C++ standard library for example - that's their attempt at "filling in features", but the majority of the stdlib sucks, and we go for custom solutions a lot of the time for performance-criticial stuff, so from my experience im not on board with this guys take

but interesting post!!

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