i'd love a wave, genre or community of "games that are 5-10 mins long"


not jam games, theyre more like technical challenges, but serious heart-and-soul-poured-into-this-thing 5 mins.

indie is kinda focused on systems-as-content like roguelike or procgen to generate play, because hand-crafting content is HARD

there's exceptions but theres not enough!!! i need more little stories or playable poems that u have to experience

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@toffy If you want to try a cute little game and don't mind it not having any story content, you could try Gun Rounds.

@mezzodrinker COOL LOOKING GAME, BUT "A turn-based shooter with roguelite elements" is the exact thing im sorta talking about NOT wanting to play anymore!!

@toffy Ah, so it's more about reusing existing genres and less about finding creative ways to make a game entertaining?

@toffy I mean… roguelite only means that your equipment resets after every run, right?

Also, sorry if that last reply sounded aggressive, that was not my intention.

@mezzodrinker the roguelike combo of procgen + permadeath gives a game a high replayability factor but you lose a lot of control over the player's experience due to all the randomness, which makes the format ill-suited for telling heartfelt personal stories etc. Meanwhile making a game full of bespoke areas, characters, cutscenes etc. with the same longevity as a roguelike is a _lot_ more work.

So I guess what @toffy is saying is like, it'd be nice if more people would circumvent that whole conflict by just not caring about longevity, just make some really sweet 5-10 minute games that deliver a perfect hand-crafted experience without expecting the player to keep coming back.

That's not to say the games have to stick to older genres and established mechanics, if anything they have more freedom to explore design possibilities because there's less need to build up a whole content pipeline or framework like you'd have to do with a longer game or a procgen-based game.

@exelotl @mezzodrinker !!!!! exactly this!!!! u said it 1000x better than i could ahaha, thats exactly what i meant thank u

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