ordered a soldering iron & replacement tactile switches to fix the bumpers on my old Xbox controller, im really excited for it.. teeny little project


IM OFFICIALLY AN XBOX CONTROLLER DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blobcatMeltTears: :blobcatMeltTears: :blobcatMeltTears: :blobcatMeltTears: :blobcatMeltTears: :blobcatMeltTears: :blobcatMeltTears: IT WORKS

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ohj my god that feels so good lol. first try baby. the soldering job looks TERRIBLE. all im saying is. i made SURE those babies had Contact . tofe's fat glob emporium . the back of the controller looks like a wedding cake

@6a62 :bunHappy: !!!! ahaha it was super hard, but now i've just got a Soldering kit i can use whenever! buying all this was cheaper than getting a new controller (even tho the version i like isnt even sold anymore) so im super happy lol!!! im gonna solder everything in my house

@toffy i still have another spare set of redox keyboard pcbs if you ever need more practice

@toffy it's nice to be able to fix stuff i've soldered many headphones.

also i've switched out mouse switches.
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