rewrote my C neural network lib in C++, here's some random stats if ur curious!! EXACT same logical basics, C++ is just a lil more OOP of course

C - ~250 LOC
C++ - ~200 LOC

150k iterations avg time:
C - 540ms
C++ - 750ms

1.5m iterations avg time:
C - 3300ms
C++ - 4900ms

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the deeper in both dimensions the network is, the faster that C compares to C++, one test with the structure (2,10,10,10,10,1) approximating XOR:
C++ - avg 9500ms
C - avg 2000ms

almost a 5x speedup for a teeny change! just think that's interesting

@Banshee nothing incredible ahaha, work have given me a day to train in whatever i like - i chose to improve my technical communication so i wanna make an explanitory video on how to make a deep neural net from scratch! i converted my old C project to C++ for simplicity of the video ;u;

@toffy wow I think that's pretty impressive!
I'm a python/matlab boy so C++ and C are insane to me

@Banshee OOOO that's awesome, if you're a python/matlab boy i'm 1000% certain ur math comprehension is better than mine & you'd have an easier time w the source material for this project lmao ;;u;; AND THANK YOUU!

@e @toffy now compare to letting something like Eigen that's using a cache aware algorithm handle the matmul logic for you
@e @toffy although iiuc I guess you have very tiny matrices for this example so it won't matter in that case I guess

@roboneko @e ya matrices are small and but i still use a custom alloc to work in contiguous memory so its cache friendly enough

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