Here's a chess-ish game I've been working on to get better at making networked games

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I played it with some friends in call -- I didn't expect it to be as fun as it is, we had a great time! There's a lotta interesting decisions to make - though.. that's not demonstrated very well in this video of me playing against myself lmfao

It was a fun experiment of taking 1 game (chess) and putting it in a different topological context (card games)!!!! I'm shelving this but it was fun, I want to work towards a faster-paced game.

The idea came from this talk by Raph Koster he's a genius, it's such an easy watch

ok quite literally everyone ive played this with so far has given BEAMING feedback so i think im going to take the hint and work on this a lot more

im not exactly sure what the good part of this idea is yet -- is it the "spatial card game" part? does it rely on the fact that its Chess? if i introduced a variety of pieces and let you build a deck, would that ruin it? idk!!! lol!!

ive been experimenting on extending this w more pieces, random events, but NOTHING is making it more or less interesting, just more complex/confusing.

the most fun interactions are still between the rook/knight/bishop. the chess guys had it already kinda figured out

@toffy To me it seems you're taking the interesting mechanic from collectible card games (meta moves, prep) and putting it in a different, but familiar space; I don't think I've seen this combination before and it looks fun!

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