ive been workin on tha bunny game a little bit.. can i spam?? ;;u;;

also for progression once u compost down carrots, u can sieve that compost into rocks or maybe find lil bits of copper :blobcatEyes: which is.. unrealistic but u get it lol

and of course u can automate the sieve just like every other tile!! ;u;

a lot of other stuff isnt that exciting but there's now like, actual progression!! u start off in a field of grass and some rocks so:
grass -> seeds -> plant trees -> get sticks
grass -> chance for carrots -> farm carrots -> more carrots -> compost -> rocks + copper -> machines

i went ham sandwich on this project tonight and i got too much done to show in a cute gif, im gonna hold off and polish up, it might be ready to playtest soon =w=

@toffy I'd like to think carrots growing in copper heavy soil could contain a bit of copper. Maybe not whole nuggets though haha

@curly LMAOO yeah right? ill try and think of a more sensible progression system in future but fow now i wanna make the game like, start-to-finish playable

@toffy The animation looks really nice! The cloud particle effect is a really nice touch :bun:

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