my email & pass were recently compromised & now I'm discovering accounts I didnt even know I had by getting emails like "WOAH your Apple ID is being logged into" I've never had an iPhone in my life


very very worrying ahhahff, it's all the accounts I had when I was a kid so no 2FA and it's all the same passwords!!!! I've been porting everything to a pass manager for DAYS i'm pretty sure by now you've been stressed more than enough to deal with the important accounts, it's okay to calm down and take it easy ​:rubypat:​

@toffy I've just kinda given up on websites that don't store anything useful 👀

But my 1password is like "this site uses this password" and they can use my neopets account if they want the worst that will happen is scientology starts infecting them

but yeah, do the important accounts and take a break! :blobcatHeartHug:

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