started putting spare money into actual real stocks.. it feels nice & its just steadily going up rather than crypto dog garbage hell, so comfy. Elon musk pls don't tweet "damn Wheat sucks so bad"

@toffy my brain read this as socks and i was like yeah good comfy socks are great

and then i was like crypto socks what im confused

i need cofe

@toffy I just use plum which does the diversification for me, and you can choose different kinds

but I accidentally read this as "putting money into real socks" and was really confused

@calv THAT'S A GOOD IDEA AND WHY IS EVERYONE MISREADING THIS AS SOCKS. It's a sign.. wooly thigh highs are gonna moon...

@toffy for the record: i, too, read this as socks. good to know everyone here has their priorities straight.

good wool socks are absolutely worth the price by the way. 20+usd for one pair of socks is a lot, but i wear the same pair every day for a month and they never smell or feel gross. A+.

@crlf @toffy thanks for recommendation, will buy some :blobcatPeek:

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